Mother Mary


Yes, Love, it is me, be at Peace.

You ask who you were, yet you don’t really want to to know who you were at that period when you were with us. I want to tell you, you were so dearly loved, and you has been a great presence for us. We have gone through so much together. My time with you was precious, my dear love. The day when you are Truly ready to know your role, yes, I am more then happy to let you know. Now you are still in the process of fortifying your Self and Higher Self connection. Beloved, be at peace and go with the Grace of God.

Now regarding who you are and learning your ‘I Am’.  Beloved St. Germain is right there beside you and so as Brother Djwhal Khul. Your room is packed with our Presences. And sometimes you can feel the caress by one of you, do you Not? You are who you want to be, set no limit, Be the Daughter of God!

The radiation Centre in Italy. I believe Beloved Peter is working on it. You will have better understand on how to proceed. Yesterday I believe you have already have a conversation with our Beloved St. Germain, you are preparing Yourself to be able and ready to make the move.

As St. Germain said, our chairs are ready. Dear one, oh how much joy that would give us to be able to walk on earth again to embrace our long lost brothers and sisters, and much Grace to embrace the New Children on Earth.

Dear one, you need to release the Healer in you. Of course, Brother Djwhal Khul is so forever loving in helping. Do you really believe the Healer does not heal himself Myth??? haven’t you learned anything those days with  Beloved  Yeshua?

Go, command it, heal Yourself of all sort of misalignment.

(what can I call this Radiation centre?)

The name you would like to called Vesta Sun Light Radiation  Centre is simply lovely and our Beloved Mother Sun Vesta is well pleased with this name in her Honour. How much she shines on you everyday, when you feel her love and light right on you while cold and darkness around.

Beloved Daughter of God, it is ok to have doubt and fear. Call on us, we are here to send you embraces and more. Go with the flow, be the surfer. You are surfing Home splendidly, my Love.

May the day we will met and embrace again come much sooner. My Heart is singing with Joy my love.

Peace be with you

Mother Mary


Beloved Mother Vesta,

Yes, my child Sun Light.

(I can see you are happy, dear Mother.)

Oh my child, at last we are connected. Not that I have never been around you, you have done a a marvellous job to find me, find us in recent months. You see me in every occasion, receiving my kisses on your lovely face, dear sweet heart.

(Mother, do I have your blessing with the name Vesta sun Light Radiation Centre?)

Now child, you know I am so happy to shine my light on this lovely place with space so sunny for my children to play. I together with our beloved team of  Angelic host, the Elementals and Devas, have so much love, we are ready to give.

Yes, it is my Honour to be named and you saw my rainbow light shinning on you. We thought you would never be awaken, my dear. So deep were you in your Matrix.

We know everything you do, everything you feel. Just look out from your window or go for a walk, you have me right by your side at once,

Brother Djwhal Khul has already told you, not to push yourself too hard, relax and enjoy your time. You are doing wonderfully, what should be happened will happen. Not your place to change it. Get a good sleep at night. St Germain know you are there, didn’t he answer you already!?

What you need to know is already inside you. It is only a matter of calling it back. So relax my sweet little lady.

Feel my embrace, sense my love. Your Sun’s Mother forever shinning bright.

And father Helios is here too send you love.

Mother Vesta


(When I have almost finished writing the Radiation Petition page, putting down Invocation, it was already late at night. Then I feel vibration on the Crown and hands, so I did a very quick meditation, to prepare myself in receiving message. Nevertheless, it is quite unusual for me to channel during night time!)

My Beloved,

(I was thinking of you all day, these few days. What ‘I Am’ dong now is because of you, my Beloved Kuan Yin. Your ‘Heart Mantra’ means so much to me, thank you.)

Om 心經 HEART MANTRA 7 times – Akata

Dear child of the star, I am just so happy to see you make so much progress in such a short time. The Love I have for you is immense. I see that you are wrapping up with your Book, and you would you would like to talk to me again.

Oh what can I say, there is no suggestion as it is your ‘I Am’ expression. What you have done so far is an excellent demonstration how one person when open up his/her heart, all becomes possible.

(Will you come?)

What are silly question! We are going to be so busy moving among the Radiation centers around the Erthe. And I love it so much the expression is using by Beloved St. Germain and Djwhal Khul to have our chairs ready!

You must pay very much attention to your Personality and Ego. In the last weeks, there were time you lost the hold and expressed with your old Self, the angry Self! Know that the dark is forever in look out to Pull back dear Souls like you!

Ask for guidance at once, call on any of us, look up at the sky and you are Home.

You need to learn much better control of yourself, your temper dear Heart! Your family, they are taking their ‘Free Will’ for their own Paths, there is nothing much you can do for them, but keep loving them. You know families like yours, friends, and many person at one point they will face such suffering and you need to be so strong to stay by their sides.

Yes, you have asked us to interviene, when you go off Track, and yes, we will be there to guide you back. With this, you need to take your responsibility as well, which we have no doubt.

The energy is changing so fast at this moment, sometimes it might seems hard for you to comprehend, and adjust with  physical discomfort. But this discomfort also an indication of your dis-alignment.

When you can open up your ‘I Am’ Presence and fully align with Mother/Father God, you will feel much better, and Heal yourself on the way. Can’t call on Brother Djwhal Khul always can you?

One step at a time dear heart, let your shoulder down, relax, all is well, I shall speak to your again, you are much loved.

Kuan Yin

(I have forgot to ask your sponsorship!)

Yes, of course I will be your sponsor. It would be my Honor, dear heart.

(So I thought I have finished channeling, but I felt something strange with my stomach, and I was still in the half/half stage….. then Lady Pallas Athena came forward)

Yes, dear one, you have been reading my words, and it is not a coincidence.

What  I need to say, you are already reading them.

Yes, I Am here to be with our beloved Kuan Yin to confirm my sponsorship to your endeavour.

Be at Peace, my love.

Lady Pallas Athena

(within very short break, came Yeshua and Mary of Bethany)

How can we not be your sponsors. Welcome Home, sweet heart. Much looking forward to embrace you again and hear your laughter. And Grandmother Anna is holding you in her Heart.

Yeshua and Mary

(next came St. Germain)

Do I need to say more? Go Akata, go and take your Freedom back. Be your own ‘I Am’ authority in your world.

St. Germain

(then Djwhal Khul)

Hummm, I appreciate your effort in doing the Breathing exercise and you have much benefit from it. Yes, get my chair ready. There is much to establish in the New Education system and you of course, have so much to learn too.

Djwhal Khul

(I really thought that is it, that I have finished here with Brother Djwhal Khul, then at  the back of my mind, I see a figure….  Lord Melchizedek???)

Yes dear one, I know you were not expecting my Presence!

I do like to make surprise, you know!

So here is my sponsorship without you asking and you will understand more with time!

Now dear one, go to sleep, you need a good sleep after transmitting the lot of US.

Lord Melchizedek

(wow, what a night!!! Am I the one making this all up???)


(a voice from somewhere just said that! I am going to sleep now….Do I just witness a Round Table???)

11-01-2022 Archangel St. Michael

Blessing dear one,

(do I have your blessing for the Radiation Centre Petition?)

Yes, my dear, but we need to go further into understanding what you will be doing. We talked about time last time, which as you know, time and space does not exist, not in your linear time anyway.

Time depends on how you apply yourself into this Path of Mastery. Nevertheless, we can see in a near future, there is possibility that we can start the actual work.

Now as you also know, the EGA is moving rapidly in many directions, hence, also your Project could be influenced by it and benefit by the general recognition of the whole scheme.

Do not let this vision fall into the background, keep your Heart Flame always burning as you are now.

Be the Warrior that you are and goodbye dear one.

You are dearly loved