Since 2019, I have been deeply engaged myself in understand what kind of Future I would like for the next generations to come. With the vision of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary, I do understand that in order to create and build anything, first I must go within, understanding myself, what’s need to be transmuted and transformed. We cannot think of changing our world without changing ourselves first! I am so blessed to find many teachers and guidance during this endeavour. When we open ourselves up for higher guidance, the right people always comes at the right moment. I would like to share with you some of these communities and people that I found so inspiring, and sincerely hope that you may find them inspirational to you as they are to me. Namaste, namaste, namaste.

Dr. Edith Chen – Luminous Education Revolution – a new education prospective, how can I miss this, a fondament step for the development of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary

It’s time re-awaken our natural intelligence and brilliance. Let go of the old archaic paradigm. Step into a morenatural, joyful and fulfilling way to nurture your kids AND yourself.  The best of: 
holistic education, homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed learning, awakened parenthood, plus
ancient memories, future vision, and holistic family life. ​Learn from our community of trailblazers and Wisdom Keepers.
Kinship Earth – I have just joined the Kinship Earth and the Open future Coalition below, such a inspiration communities to be involved. I am much looking forward to learn and move forward with their support.

Kinship Earth is the next evolution of KINS Innovation Networks, global networks of evolutionary leaders and inspired activists who are playing the “world game” to make humanity a “net positive” to Nature.
We apply the Key Influencer Network Strategy (KINS) Method, created by Susan Davis Moora, the “Godmother of Social Investing,” for advanced collaboration with networks of non-profit organizations, heart-centered changemakers, sustainability experts, visionary philanthropists, environmental advocates, healers and lightworkers, peacemakers and policy makers, green business leaders, indigenous wisdom keepers, and cultural creatives who are designing a better world.
Kinship Earth Connections events empower you to network with evolutionary leaders, keep your finger on the pulse of emerging solutions, and synthesize key messages to share with your community.
Open Future Coalition – Our Why: With our human & planetary ecosystems pushed to the brink, we’re running out of time to come together & solve the world’s hardest problems.
But what if the solutions are already here? There are so many incredible efforts on the ground that are simply disconnected from the resources they need (and from one another.)

Our What: We believe that when equipped with our greatest resource of all—one another—each and every one of us is capable of supporting our capacity to thrive.
So we’re weaving a multi-sided ecosystem that empowers us all, where we are, with what we have, to be the greatest lever for change.
We’ve started by launching Open Impact, a platform that builds the capacity of on-the-ground efforts, transparently measures their progress, and matches them with the resources they need to scale—whether it’s capital, skills, or knowledge. We recently launched our Private Alpha with 30 organizations in 13 countries.
Julia Balaz – QUANTUM SOUL GUIDANCE – I am currently studying Quantum Soul Guidance Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Practitioner Certification program with this beautiful and supportive community.

This entire course is designed to expand your understanding of our soul’s existence within the Universe, and to help you see the human life from a much higher perspective. It may give you a sense of timelessness and purposefulness of your greater being…..
Penny Kelly – Consciousness on Fire – I have been following Penny for her vast knowledge and wisdom. Currently doing Intuition classes with her.
please see below for Intuition 3 certificate

….explore topics that range from science, self-sufficiency, gardening, and health, to dreams, intuition, clairvoyance, and new worlds……..
Richard Rudd – The Gene Keys – I am in a process in exploring Gene Keys with additional study of I Ching. To comtemplate of the Old (I Ching) through the lenses of the New (Gene Keys)

The Gene Keys is a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. Like a precious treasure map, this website invites you on a journey of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life…..
KAYLAA KAYCE – Young Ascended Masters – I have highly enjoyed doing classes with Kaylaa on Remote Viewing.

Kaylaa works with harmonic frequencies to adjust and bring stability to the emotional energies of Hybrid and Crystal children. Her unique connection to emotional frequency acts to bridge a child’s higher dimensional, intergalactic energies with their physical structure here on the Earth plane…..
Jewels Maloney – Every Child is Holy – A dear friend, a mentor, so grateful for her loving guidance

Jewels is the author of Every Child is Holy, Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation, Soul Songs, and two books of poetry; as well as various articles from her previous work as a professor of education in the 1980’s and 90’s.
The Elemental Grace Alliance – Esoteric Study, I started with the 14 Rules based on the book of Alice Bailey: The Rays and Initiations.

In this loving and supportive community, I have met many many dear brothers and sisters, who have contribute immense impact in my journey, Jeannette, Priya, Michael, Christina, Sue, Peter….and many many more. I am forever grateful for their love and friendship.