Mother, Father Life, hear my words. I call upon my Master Sponsors: Beloved St. Germain, Brother Djwhal Khul, Chohan Kuan Yin, Lady Pallas Athena, Grandmother Mother Mary, Father Yeshua and Mother Mary of Betheny, Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, and Mother Vesta. Together with many other Masters, Archangels, Elementals, Devas, Angelic Hosts which I still have to make acquaintance and connections.  I call upon the Elemental Grace Alliance, and the unAscended Masters who have given their Love and Light in this Petition for the VESTA SUN LIGHT RADIATION CENTRE.

To the Karmic Board Directors, hereby, I, Akata Sun Light, humbly present the Petition of VESTA SUN LIGHT RADIATION CENTRE, and all the necessary Dispensations for the Precipitation of this Radiation Centre, which include and not limited to my  Spiritual growth/Ascension, the Remembrance of DNA encodements/cellular memories, the Cleansing and Clearing of Past-Present-Future lives Karma, the building of Antahkarana and Rainbow Bodies.

What I desire for myself, I desire also for my Brothers and Sisters. May this Project plants the seed within their hearts for the New Erthe.

I send my deep Gratitude to Chohan Kuan Yin for protecting me and loving me right from the beginning, and guiding me into this Home Coming.

I send my deep Gratitude to Brother Djwhal Khul for guiding me into the building of Antahkarana, and communication with the other side of the Veil.

I send my deep Gratitude to St. Germain, may the Freedom of Spirit forever burning inside my Heart and be my own ‘I Am’ Authority.

I send my deep Gratitude to Lady Pallas Athena, for your constant guidance and reminder of the Divine Purpose and Justice inside my Heart.

I send my deep Gratitude to Grandmother Mary, for your Purity, may the Childlike Curiosity and Perseverance forever sparkling in my world.

I send my deep Gratitude to Father Yeshua and Mother Mary, the Trinity Merge. I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

I send my deep Gratitude to Lord Melchizedek, for waiting of my late Awakening and back to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Order of Melchizedek.

I send my deep Gratitude to Archangel Michael, with your Courage and Light. I Am to keep your Sword and Shield with me always, and All WAY.

I  send my deep Gratitude to Mother Vesta, the warmth that you send in my way. There is always the Brightest Light at the end of the Tunnel.

I give Thanks and Deep Bow to  the unAscended Masters in the Elemental Grace Alliance, for sending their Love and Light. To Peter Melchizedek for his immense Patience and Guidance, in helping me to find my own Light and Voice.

Peter MelchizedekSue MartinMichael McKinney
AdellaPriya  AkalBhakti Desai
Castley SierociukChristina SpencerKandra Martinez
Jeannette DiGesuMary Josephine RiddleNala Joy
Natasha McFallingPatrice RohmerSohini Shukla
Magda SaltzmanAnandhaMichelle Tillman
Jonathan GunnJane JonesTina Greer
Angela CarringtonM IONUTMarcia Mariscal
MistyMonique GoldmanMarji
Lisa MuNultyAlphonsus NtekopYasmin Hakima
Elizabeth KariukiJohn RozmanPatricia Helena
Beau TaylorLeen FrancisCeeDee
Ken HazlinAnna Marie OlsonJane Richardson
JyotiDejan Posavec 

I feel and treasure their Presences deep within my Heart.

Today, I lay bear my Final Surrender of the Human Self to the ‘I Am’ Presence. I command and demand my ‘I Am’ Presence to take charge of my everyday life, decisions, and emotions. Directing and guiding me to whatever is for the Greatest Good of All, to the Manifestations of my Divine Purpose.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law’s Miracle Action of the Life in the Great Silence; and that Life in Its Glorious Cosmic Blessings and Perfection without limit, manifests through All the Life that I contact and releases Its Powers to fulfil the Divine Plan.

I Demand and Command the Divine Justice to come to me from the local and national government bodies of the Land of San Casciano, Italy and from the people of the outer world, I establish my energies and focal attention with Divine Justice to my ‘Beloved I AM Presence’ and the Ascended Host.


May we finally Cleans, Clear, Heal and Transmute all past lives Fear, Trauma and Experiences, to walk on the New Erthe as Free Spirits, providing Services with Greater Intelligences.  May one day, the Masters, Archangels, Elementals, Devas, and Angelic Hosts walk on this planet again. And we can finally sit down face to face to enjoy a nice cup of Tea.

And so it is, and it is done