Pledge to Train Under Djwhal Khul

Pledge to Train Under Djwhal Khul Specific Guidance Building of the Antahkarana for Group Initiation

New Moon 01-04-2022


Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light and Infinite Love,

The new moon will arrive at the final day of this month or on April 1st, depending on where in the world you live and you will find the link above for the next activation and the readings that are highly recommended for you. I managed to save a file to Dropbox, hoping to make the receipt of files easier for you.

I believe almost everyone here has moved through Master Djwhal Khul’s 14 Rules for Group Initiation, or is currently beginning or in the study of them. Master DK has provided the Disciples and Initiates of this EGA Ashram much instruction, and he remains vitally important to the understanding of the work to be embraced within the Living Group Organism. Master DK provides much guidance for those who sense they are to function within the Exoteric arena, whereas St. Germain is giving particular guidance to those who sense their expansion is within the esoteric. To be clear, both of these Master’s bodies of work are important for each of us to take in for understanding and integrate, but their purposes have become more specific within the EGA.

01-04-2022 Akata

Beloved Brother Michael,

Here to update you with my latest development.

On the 31st March I have closed the unAscended sponsorship in the EGA, I would say, even this is part of the learning experience, bitter sweet. On one hand received such encouraging and loving messages, and on the other hand find little or no interest from many, especially among my rule study group. Maybe Group Initiation does not necessary meant the group I have started with!!! Easy to talk unconditional love or being ONE, but hard to do.

Anyway, I am going to present the Petition in April Full moon, hopefully will get it right. And I think the Petition is already granted, please allow me to explain.

As you know I am going to separate with my husband, while my Human mind is busy to find a solution, searching for places… I have actually found a place could be good for me.

Last Friday, 25th March, I went to the property (Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre) again, did my meditation, and was thinking where to put the ‘CHAIR’ for Brother Djwhal Khul. Just before I go, I was looking at the Sun (Mother Vesta) and said, we will make this work!

On Sunday, my father in law was telling me that he doesn’t feel like to make an investment in a new house for me, because he has decided to further invest in this property. He is going to finish one of the apartment  and also the external gardens, so I can go there. He was thinking maybe with a person already living there, and using my home as a showroom, he maybe able to start selling the other apartments…….  

And just like that, I will go there. I see that I will be the Guardian there in the meantime, until next move comes.

I have renounced my FREE WILL to Mother Father God in my petition last year. Doesn’t matter what I (the human self) is doing, the ‘I Am’ will lead me to the right direction.  

And so it is.

And with the above, it actually bring me in this excerpt by Brother DK where I found the answer to my doubt of Group Initiation:

The True Disciple is one who understands that they must do the Inner Work first, before they venture out into the cold, arduous, challenging, and chaotic world of helping others. Anything less than this shall only sustain old beliefs and never Create Wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

I wish to encourage your Creativity to attain your Goals, to be mindful of the Vision and hold this Vision firmly within your Hearts and Minds. To create and manifest only those things that come into your immediate view. Those aspects of the Plan, those precious moments that need your instantaneous Love and Light, those matters that call for your attention in the time of your present place and location. Do not misunderstand any circumstances, I repeat, DO NOT, walk around anyone or anything that comes into your awareness that you know within your Heart, that you can make a difference to. This is a Full Time Vocation Dear Brothers and Sisters, and it will take all of your Devotion and Dedication to do this. That is why to be a Member of this Group, one cannot be one of halfheartedness. It must be a Full Time Life Occupation from now on!

Hold the Visions, do the Inner and outer Work, one step and one focus at a time. You must not leave anything incomplete or to chance as you go. It must be given your total contemplations and then set in motion for completion. That which you need will arrive with the least amount of effort. Else it shall lose all momentum that previously has been given to it up until then! Remember Step 5. CONCENTRATION AND CONSECRATION!

Your work is unlike most, it is very specific, so you cannot afford to worry about what any other person or Group is doing! The Unification of Groups will come later, first the templates made manifest for the New! So move forward only in connection with certain souls who warrant your attention, because of their capacity to be able to offer what they have to share upon the EGA Path. Therefore, without any ego, take your work into the future, giving and sharing it primarily to other Disciples and Initiates of like Mind and Resonances, and not to the ranks and files of aspirants or people who remain caught up in their glamour states. I cannot emphasise this more ardently for you! This is no April fool’s day joke!

1st April, April Fool, new moon 8:25am. Isn’t it right on DOT!!!???

So I have the Activation done on 1st April morning, adding Anja Breathing Meditation to close up. At the end, I felt Brother Djwhal was here with me, and here is the  Transmission:

Brother Djwhal Khul Transmission



Beloved Sister Akata,

A true Joy and Blessing to read your letter/Progress/ Activation, all is harmonized and ready for your Light to Fill the Spaces with Your Love through Actions.  Reading our Brother DK words was indeed a Heart Expression; the words spoke to the exact need of the hour for all of us.

Your father-in-law, has a good heart and does want to know that you are going to be OK, this is really nice, does not want the divorce of the son to effect the relationship of the two of you, speaks a lot for him.

Yes, all is moving forward nicely, letting the Presence have the controls does work well!   


Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre

31-03-2022 Akata Correspondence with Peter

Dear Brother Michael, 

Thank you for your kind reply. I do have a good relationship with my Father-in-law. As a matter of fact, also with my husband. It is the current point that we don’t have anymore connection, but we still wish each other well. The decision of separation has put us both in better ‘Spirit’, so to speak. 

I have a better contemplation of both Brother Djwhal Khul and St. Germain transmissions. Now St. Germain words make a whole lot more sense! 

Here under is the copy again: 

14-03-2022 St. Germain 

It does make sense what’s that ‘NICE SPOT’ St. Germain was talking!!! 

While St. Germain mentioned that I need to run even faster, cut down in all unnecessary activities and Djwhal Khul about inner work. Both of them emphasis on SETTING NO LIMIT. In today silent meditation, this comes to me that I need to step back from the ADMINISTRATION. 

I Am one who keep my word. If I stay, I will certainly dedicate my energy into this service. But it is not my time.  

With this new development of my moving in a few months time, I need to grow more Spiritually. May be completing the ‘I Am’ Authority course or Gene Keys/ I Ching, where I have personal interest in. 

Certainly, it will open up what should I concentrate my energy in a short moment. 

Dear brother, your guidance since the beginning of this Light Program is really God’s sent. Deep gratitude. 

On Monday, I will send an email for my retreat, and log out from both admin emails. 

In love we share 

And the Transmission with DK is follow:

01-04-2022  Brother Djwhal Khul 

I will continue of my involvement with the EGA CCL website. As I think I can contribute more there. 

Blessings Always



Beloved Sister,

Indeed these recovered Knowings do add a great deal of Clarity to the overall Transmission from our Beloved Brothers DK and St Germain.