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Full Moon 16-02-2022


Hello Beloveds,

While we are still gloriously vibrating in the expansion of the first activation, we begin to prepare for the next. There is a bit to read as a part of the next activation – The Melchizedek Initiation. This one will be timed to coincide with the energies of the full moon of February 16th-17th, if this timing resonates for you. The heightened energies between the 2nd and the 22nd of February, 2022 will also add to the potentials of this beautiful re-remembering of your priesthood-priestesshood in the Order of Melchizedek.



As all are aware of the February Full Moon Wednesday 2/16/2022; we will have a schedule posted soon as to the locations and times of occurrence, here along the Pacific Coast we will feel this at 8:57 am PST; there are still many Energy Factors that are to aid in our Activation/Attunements – knowing that all would have read on these within other posting over the past few days, no point in reviewing those again here, indeed the past few months have held many wonderful aid for us to move forward in the Divine Plan Unfolding within the EGA.. for those that are within this Gathering that have been sensing changes, your senses are correct, as the Masters are communicating – more on this coming soon

Keeping up with the reading that is required within these Activation’s has increased/heightened the receptivity of us all, We look forward to reading the sharing from you all

Be sure to drop a line as to your process that is expected for this Activation process –

‘I AM’ the Individualized Expression of My Higher Self of the Light Always.   


07-02-2022 Akata

Dear Brother Michael,

Please believe me, I have to bite my hand for not writing to you during the weekend!!!

On Friday night, I have started the reading of Lord Melchizedek materials, and only the Preparation and Lord Melchizedek discourse…..

On Saturday morning at 5:00 am, I was having a transmission with Lord Melchizedek, and it is the longest transmission that I ever made!!!.

Anyway, I have my first unexpected encounter with Lord Melchizedek on the 9th January when I have finished more or less the whole Petition, you can read it in the website under sponsorship:

I have never thought of asking sponsorship from Lord Melchizedek, and I only added his name in the invocation after the transmission. Anyway, even this time, I didn’t expect his Presence, and started to write straightaway, as I was afraid to forget the details. 

05-02-2022 5:00am

Lord Melchizedek Transmission

Confirmation 2 days later reading Peter: Born to be Christed:

I had a real issue with that word ‘Priest’ and placed it in the box with all the other religious priest references. You see I was not into religion at any level, I did not believe in any yet I did respect all for their separate beliefs. But it was the separations of religions that I did not agree with feeling how can the Love of God be separated through doctrines that killed in the name of God that held power over the populace and kept the people in a state of fear and poverty consciousness.

It could be useful if I explain a little bit of my Religious Believe as a child. From someone grown up in Hong Kong, we are exposed (!!!) to both Western and Oriental cultures, in almost everything, such as religions (Christian and Buddhism), food, festivities…and so on.  Since primary school, I have always went to Christian’s school (Protestant, English Church), religion classes for us was Bible , Jesus, not Buddhism. But at home, we prayed to our Ancestors, Kuan Yin, or some other Buddhism Figures… So I was growing up accepting both religions without really believing in neither!!!

The intuition in me has big rejection to the Churches, as organizations. Never wanted to go near one or be in one. Buddhism was ok, I enjoyed my time to visit Tempio once or twice a year. They don’t ask big involvement, if one doesn’t want to. It was more a place for Divinity, to ask future for the new year, new job, new school……etc.

Inside my heart, nevertheless, I have always known and believed that there is a God, a Source if you might say, we are here for a reason. That was what I kept to myself. In order to survive, to be accepted by people around me, I have shut down the inner voice, invisible friends…

So it is what Lord Melchizedek was referring, I have REDISCOVERED the God inside my heart.

Oh mine, don’t know what to say…. and I am still reading the rest of the materials.

My deep deep gratitude as always


Beloved Sister Akata,

The transmission received was clear; your test within the human Sphere, are hard test indeed, as it is not an easy task to have one foot in the physical Sphere as a wife, [we are very limited in what we can do in the worlds that others create, as we must live within that God World that we create] – yet another foot and body within the Higher Spheres where we actually live…

First I read all that you have documented on the Sponsorship page, along with the music playing which gave great background as reading – hearing your voice singing [very pleasant indeed]..

Interesting this weekend I too, have read the Melchizedek Documents and those are as Powerful now as when first reclaimed my position within the Brotherhood

Was interesting indeed to read your words from Lord Melchizedek, where he is speaking of your contributions to Humanity in Hong Kong, where not allowing the untruths to move inwardly and to pass this forward – As we know, there are No coincidences;

Lord Melchizedek very recently [within a couple of days]  spoke through Peter to the group about time being – not short anymore but over and being within a .. hum.. a period of ‘borrowed time’, that we [ the Ashram of St Germain ] must Now Act; Lord Melchizedek was referencing the ‘lack of participation’ with the analogy used as it was towards a baseball game in America, where three sticks and one is out – Peter will be passing these new Discourses forward to all of the EGA.

I do not know where all this is going to lead us, my sense of the future is clouded with all that we are currently working toward at a fever pitch [albeit only five of us] – the separations of all does not seem possible, even this lack of separation, there be a big reason for, this too shall come into clear focus again…

Oh, I just realized that you are in Italy, do you know how far from where Priya lives you are?  Within a 250 mile radius, there are 5 others within the EGA California, Washington and Oregon…

Bless you Akata, keep your Communications Open and Clear, there will be more coming through I do sense this…

Blessings in Love, Joy and Light


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your encouragement. I guess it is part of the cleansing of our outer world, of letting go what is blocking our advancement, be an observer in this 3D world where we have our bodies moving….

The ‘FEAR’ of losing this world that we have known, that we can touch is Huge. Yet, somehow, I do believe I am being Guided to make every move. Even this new ‘situation’ with my husband, I am not worried at all….

Priya is living some 4 hours away from me. She is in the North Mountain area (Cortina), while I am in Florence, central Italy. But I think she is making plan to move to a town between Florence and Rome (Perugia). So we will be quite close by then.

I do realize you and the others are doing impossible for all new initiatives this year…  Then again, the energy is so frenetic this year, as if the Big Shift is COMING, non regarding that we are ready or not!!!

In addition, I would like to ask your permission in documenting all our correspondence in the website and my book. This part of the Light Program I don’t think I will put it in this Book, but maybe the second one….

In love we share


Beloved Sister,

Yes, I Do Know that all is being Divinely Orchestrated, not only the EGA but all the Beloveds within… the ‘New Erthe’ is within another Vibrational Frequency – Space and Time [as tracked by the physical Sphere – time] so yes all, is harmonizing well…

Encouragement – well these are Your God Gifts that you have recognized and now are taking into account within this space/time for your Growth and the awareness of all.

 We have another joining from, I do believe Florence, that will be engaging within the New Rules Gathering starting

 Yes, if there is value in the communications that we share, then you do have granted permission to use these words shared..


13-02-2022 Akata

Dearest Michael,

I sincerely lack of word to describe what is happening around / for me!

Last time you asked about Priya, and out of the blue we are going to meet next Sunday!!! What make all this meeting interesting, the morning (Saturday 12/02/2022 just look at the date!), I was watching a YouTube video on Ananda Association in Italy,, which is closed to Assisi (Katumi/ San Francesco). And I was thinking to myself, I would like to go there, maybe not so much about joining them, but I would like to have an idea how the Radiation Centre could become, the atmosphere around the people, community living, etc…. Then Priya was writing to me saying she is going to Perugia next week, can we meet? Florence – Perugia 1 1/2 hour drive, then Perugia-Assisi another 1 1/2 hour drive.

Oh mine, isn’t  it synchronicity / telepathy?  Not only we are meeting up which on its own worth the trip, and she is giving me a reason to go on my own, so that I can proceed to Assisi, a confirmation of my thinking just this morning.

After my transmission with Lord Melchizedek last Saturday (05-02), I felt a shift of consciousness, ‘I Am’ seeing the ‘Light’ at the end of the tunnel!

My skin allergy is literally gone, only a few rashes remain. ‘I Am’ feeling so Fresh and Anew that ‘I Am’ in a state of ‘Bliss’.

From the Melchizedek reading materials, I have recorded this prayer, and do it in the morning. Dear Brother, I feel all the energy in those words!

And so, on 09-02, I was guided to write this prayer to express my gratitude. (see enclosed)

To finish, these days, I was guided to re-read 09-Narayana and divine Grace – Sanat Kumara and Lady Meta and Chris Letters 8.

Sanat Kumara;

“Today this Essene Soul urge to reunite is a huge pull upon Their Divine Hearts and yet even though Their Memories are now resurfacing once again, They remain within the transmuting stages of human discord and imbalance and continue to clear and heal many physical, emotional and mental traumas along the way. Subconsciously, these Dear Souls, due to their failed attempt to Ascend as a Group, and who had to reincarnate time and time again over the last 2000 years, the mental and emotional scars of that failure are still holding most of them back from making the next major decision within their lives. This will begin to clear now, thus making way for the final rehearsals before Reigniting the Inception Codes of the Light; this time with Absolute Permanent and Eternal Success.

How much I desire that I have finally cleared the Past  (by judging the healing of my lower bodies) and stepping into reigniting the Inception Codes of the Light now.

I apologize for this long communication, it is the ‘I Am’ Presence that keep on writing (I have never wrote so much in my life!!!)! And we still need to pass the Activation on Wednesday!

In love we share

16-02-2022 Akata

Dearest Michael,

I am so eternally grateful for this opportunity….. The Attunement went well I guess, I was asleep so quickly (it was midnight our time)!!! But I felt the energy even before it’s started, just by setting the Intention, I can sense the vibration already. Especially under my feet, electricity going  up so intensely. Which I am thinking, is it energy from Mother Gaia?  

 So today, I redo the meditation again, to feel it more consciously. And what to say, I Am blessed.

In the meantime, you may know it already, Peter has finally read my book and the petition and he is pleased. So now we will proceed to present it in the Forum.

Another thing, after my correspondent with Peter, I have decided that I would not hide the role that I played some 2000 years ago.

So I have revisited the book a bit. If you are interested, these are the pages that I have revised.

And I have also added the page of Light pregame

Last time you ask me the names of my Angels! Apart from AA Michael, one is Jim, and another one is Maddalena, and so many Human Angels in the EGA.

In love we share