Holistic Healing

Usui Reiki – by Reiki Master Akata Vesta 靈心光

I am so honored to start my Reiki training with Japanese Reiki Master Satoe Sasaki ( NPO Japan Reiki Association Hong Kong ). The importance of learning with Master from the same culture. Technique can be transmitted, yet the subtle cultural understanding can be learned best with whom has it in their blueprint.

My quest for healing technique did not stop even after I have obtained my Master Reiki level. With time, I have had opportunities in learning with many other healers, one of which I learn to do is Distant Body Scan (no machine required). By tuning into our bodies, I am able to see which part of the body needs attention, and possible syndrome.

As we are ONE, our star origin or soul color can also provide invaluable information to the dis-ease one may suffer, I highly recommend to combine the following healing sessions with Soul Color Reading.

Soul Color Reading

We are ONE, and we all come from the Source/God/Void, as Souls, we are interconnected within the greater aspect of the Universe. Yet we come into this life embodiments with our specific Blueprints.

With this mini reading, it can give you a very first glance of your Soul origin/color. A little taste of what could a deep dive in your Akashic Record reading and/or Galactic Astrology reading provide of your Star connection.

Written report only of your Soul color, and explanation.

Distant Body Scan

This can be a stand-alone session or combined with Reiki Treatment

From distant, with ‘REMOTE VIEWING’ technique, I will tune into your body: usually from feet going upward until the head area is reached. In the process, I will be able to see if there is any particular area needs attention, if there is any negative energy attack, the level of wellbeing etc.…

Please note that it is a process requires High Concentration.

40 minutes session with prearranged time, plus written report.

Reports are available in English, Italiano, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 , Simplified Chinese 简体中文

For more details, instructions, and appointments, please contact us.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatment can be helpful in many areas, not only in physical dis-ease, but also for trauma, womb healing, inner child healing, anxiety, etc. etc.

40 minutes session with time prearranged, plus written report.

( for Packages – bonus 15 minutes zoom meeting before the start of 1st sesson)

Body Scan + Reiki Treatment Package

First session 1 hour 30 Minutes + 2nd 3rd sessions 40 minutes each

First session 1 hour 30 Minutes + 2nd 3rd 4th 5th sessions 40 minutes each

( for Packages – bonus 15 minutes zoom meeting before the start of 1st sesson)