Godmother Vesta’s Investment of Energy

New Moon 30-04-2022


Beloveds of the Light,

The next new moon will take place on April 30th or May 1st, depending on where you live, setting an appropriate energetic support for the final activation in the series of light Activations of the Light Programs. The concluding energetic involves creating a ceremony and request for approaching God-Mother Vesta and requesting her support through the investment of her energies in you. You are given an example for your consideration of an approach to God-Mother Vesta and this is considered a binding request.

05-05-2022 Akata

Beloved Michael,

First, True Constitution. I have forgotten to Thumb Up. And I have had this forum within my Circle of Light, maybe that’s why I didn’t pay enough attention. Now I don’t have this forum any longer. Please so kindly add me into the True Constitution Forum.

Now back to Mother Vesta Investment Activation. I passed it quite peacefully on the 30th New Moon, connection with Mother Vesta was already established with my Petition, and so it was with ease and grace.

During the process of reading the materials, there is one point by Brother Djwhal Khul that got a hold on me. This actually bring me to face my own Shadow.

‘I AM’ One With My Group Brothers and Sisters and All That I Have Is Theirs. May the Love That is In My Soul Pour Forth to Them. May the Strength That is In Me Lift and Aid Them. May the Thoughts in Which My Soul Creates Reach and Encourage Them. Behind the Group there Stands the Door. Before Them Opens Up the Way. Together let the Band of Brothers and Sisters Onward Move.

You see, with my Petition, while I have received many support and heart felt messages. My human mind was looking at the dark/negative side of the process. I couldn’t bring myself to accept or comprehend why so many brothers and sisters from my Rules study group didn’t border even to thumb up, and a number of them I have private communication.

WHY? Is my Petition not aligned with them? Was it my Personality?  What is the True Meaning as a Group? If the Petition was done by Peter, for the same Petition, would they rush to give their support?

I thought I have resolve this problem during the Activation of Brother Djwhal Khul. But reading his words again, while searching for an answer, I Am looking at myself. Am I truly ready to be in a GROUP??? To stay in the EGA??? Am I an asset, bring good into the EGA or simply a Trouble Maker, someone goes off to do her own things, needed to be Contained?

Sorry, Brother, too many questions in my head, I know no one have the answer by my I Am.

To close this activation, I have prepared my own invocation, here you find the copy. Enclosed also the list of Activations completion

Deep deep gratitude dearest Micheal

Mother Vesta Prayer

visibly Manifest in my Direction.

I Am The Resurrection And The Life

I Am Grateful, I Am Grateful, I Am God Grateful

And so it is, and it is done



Beloved Sister Akata,

Your name is included within the TC Gathering; maybe refresh and look again…

As to those that had not aligned within the petition that you have brought forth, what others do, is never a concern to our-self, Brother DK talked of this within the Rules, that we should not be concerned what another is doing or not doing, if they have powers or not, it is only what I am doing that matters, we can not live in anthers world, that is the ‘outer-world’; we must always live within our World, that is the one that we control; to try and figure what another is or is not has not concern to the one… this you Know, it is only to reMember – it will lead into a glamour and that we do not want.

You are so very fine with all that you do, do not let ‘this’ work within you – You are So Dearly Loved!


Dear Akata Sun Light

Just have finished reading your PDF files sent; really living up to the name you imbue so Dearly.   The Invocation is well written with much Love.



Dearest Michael,

Deep gratitude for your words.  After reading your email, I opened a page by chance in the Resetting Christ Time book, and it was by Beloved St. Germain on page 482. This helped me to understand your words even better. 

This morning 7th May, is the first time I have a Transmission with the Great Divine Director. While he talked about some other issue, at the end of the Transmission, he has confirmed that the Petition is Granted. Here under is his words.

Your petition is granted, it is granted the moment you have the vision,. and you have taken the necessary path to understand where you at, what you need to do, and who you truly are.  

 Dear one, go ahead with your next step, you will get to find the mysteries between time and space. Do not waste your time in earthly discord, disagreement, dis-alignments. All this does not serve you. Remember who are you, does not ever doubt of your abilities. When you need me again, you only need to call. The Great Divine Director is never too busy for a dear soul in need.  

 Walk the unseen path, be home with the Father Mother Love and Light.  

Your are dearly loved.  


I am the Great Divine Director at your service. 

And I think what he meant by “the mysteries of time and space” is what I was thinking of the “Light Language”. After the last Activation, I have been doing my own study. While I have difficulty in reading the Holy Sephiroth a few months back, last week I read the chapters of Melchizedek, Michael and Metratron in one go. It just flown through. Now I am starting to read the the Book of Knowledge, the Keys of Enoch, also by JJ Hurtak. It is confirmed of what I was thinking. I Ching – 64 keys, Gene Keys – 64 keys, the Keys of Enoch – 64 Keys. I am reincarnated this life time as a Chinese, there is a reason, Lord Lanto was someone I always knew by his Chinese name, he was the one Transmitted the I Ching 3000 years ago…. fancy that! 

On Introduction of the Keys of Enoch, it is what it is written:

According to Enoch, the ancient expressions of the Egyptian-Hebrew-Tibetan-Sanskrit-Chinese tongues are to be used, because they faithfully connect with the Masters who are still administrating Wisdom to this program of intelligence. These ‘sounds of Light,’ used in laying the foundation of the present program, will figure predominantly in the recapitulation of this program now at its Omega point.

The Book of Knowledge The Keys of Enoch

I was blown away after reading this sentence!!!! It has been so clear in the past weeks (since my last transmission with St. Germain),  that after the establishment of the Radiation Centre, my role is to be something related to the Light Language.

Dear Michael, time is really rushing, and I Am so grateful for your kind loving guidance.

The Great Divine Director Transmission


Beloved Akata,

For my past embodiments, many times within the Asian and Egyptian-Hebrew-Tibetan- Asian so many times; some recall coming back into me from these adventures… This embodiment, is not about me doing or gathering knowledge, already there, The Glue Substance that holds together the Spheres, this is one of my most important tasks during  day and night on earth; the visions that I have been shown, well that is not to talk of.

The Grate Divine Director, has given many clues, to so much here; Visualize, Know it, Be It – Those are tremendous Knowing indeed; Your strides within this embodiment are to go towards the coming years and after

We are all at such a high level now, that with our energies visualize, know and create, we are able to maneuver theses elements with flow, it works, some have tried and know, others have not tried as yet…