A Community, where the Divine Purpose is to provide a Shelter, a Safe Environment, Education for the New Children On Erthe.


What kind of Service we desire for these children. Mainly, can be divide into 3 categories.


Here will become a HOME to many children, for whatever reasons that may be. So far we are thinking a capacity of 30 children, may be more can be housed, but it is too early to state. A careful planning with other professionals is required.


A New Education system is already springing up around the world. We are the perfect victims of the present education system being forced down our throats, no creativity, false history, useless complicated mathematics….

What about teaching our children to love, appreciate, and work with our planet earth, plants and animals. What about letting them freedom to bring out the creativity inside their wonderful minds, new inventions, new ideas. What about watching the sky and learn our star/galactic systems. What about leaning to meditate, wonderful way to calm their minds and hearts. What about finally someone teach them they can create anything because they are powerful beings. What about teaching them to use the energy for healing, music,….etc etc….

There are  many other fields could be included, and I am so certain that the right kinds of teachers will come.


We would have prefer all children who  come into this Community healthy and well. The reality may say otherwise. I Am an energy healer myself, and there are so many out there practise all sort of healing techniques. Healing, is also included psychological issue, here I would not like to get into too much details.

Maybe it could also become a reality when the Med-Bed is finally available to common people?

Project Illustration

For more details…..


The old way of “TOP-DOWN” organisation is simply not sustainable any longer. From our study and observation, the Horizontal Hierarchy, with Circular discussions could become the best practice.

Council of Representatives:  

From different sectors among the community: education, healing, farming, maintenance, administrative, financial, etc, just to mentioned a few.  These representatives shall form a council to discuss day-to-day issues among the community. A general assembly may be called, in addition to the periodical meeting (could be monthly or every 2 months…). In such meeting, every members among the community has a vote, including the children.

Council of Divine Feminine/Elders, Circles of Light:

This Divine Feminine council/Elders and all the other Circles of Light Groups will work closely with the Council of Representatives. Where each groups will study and discuss specific issues regarding the Community as a whole, and theirs area of interest. Most commonly, this is where the Representative of each group are elected.

If any disputes or arguments occurs, and the Council of Representatives cannot arrive a resolution, then the Council of Divine Feminine/Elders, have the responsibility to investigate, and make appropriate decisions accordingly.



  • You are aligned with the project Divine Purposes for the Children
  • You would like to send your support by sending your prayers and intentions for the manifestation of this Project
  • You would like to join this Project, givining support from your place, and are not considering to participate physically in our Sanctuary


  • You are aligned with the project Divine Purposes for the Children
  • You would like to send your support by sending your prayers and intentions for the manifestation of this Project.
  • You would like to join this Project, and are considering to come in person for the development of the Sanctuary.


1. I am currently joining another Ashram, Study Groups…ect, do I need to leave those group in order to join this Community, either as Cosmic Supporters or Flame Keepers?

No, you do not need to leave any other groups that you have joined. This is a community for one single Purpose only: to provide Services for the Children.
You are most encourage to continue with your enrichment and bring in your knowledge into this community.
2. Do I have to choose now between one of the memberships, and can I change it later if I change my mind?

Yes, of course. If you are not sure at the moment, you are welcome to join as Cosmic Supporter, when you have better understanding and decide to come to Italy for this experience, you are most welcome. Or vice versa, you sign in as Flame Keeper, but realise you could not come in person, so you can always shift to Cosmic Supporter.
3. Do I need to invest fiancially, or how can I send me support financially?

No, we are not asking financial support from any members.
Some channels such as ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ or ‘Patreon’ are being set up. Then again, it is free will, not compulsory payment ever required.
A plan has been drawn up for investors/contributors/doners. When it is ready we will add more information into this page. Thank you so very much for your support.
4. I have no Spiritual Knowledge, as don’t even know if I Am Awakened as how the New Age is calling Awakening, can I joined?

5. What if I don’t see your vision completely, but only a small part that I can participate in the Community, would this be alright?

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