The New Lord’s Prayer for the Cosmic Consciousness

“Our Father Who Art in Heaven and Me, Hallowed be Thy Name, ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ Thy Kingdom Come ‘I AM’ Thy Will Being Done ‘I AM’ on Earth Even as ‘I AM’ in Heaven ‘I AM’ Giving Your Gifts Daily to All ‘I AM’ Forgiving All Life Each Moment no matter how small ‘IContinue reading “The New Lord’s Prayer for the Cosmic Consciousness”

Meditation to Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples:

Before starting, now I Am connecting with my I Am Presence, please guide me through this meditation with Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples. I call upon Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples to assist me with the Acceleration and Advancement of my Light Bodies, an hence, my 4 lower bodies are cleansed, healed and purified.   Continue reading “Meditation to Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples:”

Mighty Elohim Prayer of Invocation

Mighty Elohim Prayer of Invocation “Beloved Mother Father God, Almighty I Am Presence, Holy Spirit; Dear Jesus The Christ in Me, Bestow and Grant unto me in this Eternal Instant, Your Love and Light,  for I Am Your Son/Daughter as You Created Me! “I Am Showered with Your Love, Wisdom and Power. I Am BathedContinue reading “Mighty Elohim Prayer of Invocation”

My Soul Invocation:

Dear God/Goddess: “Beloved All-Provider, You Who art my Inexhaustible Supply, my Sufficiency in all things: I hereby covenant with You to devote this my human life in all its form, My Soul, and everything You have given to me for Your  Service; to work from this moment forth only for You, letting You Guide andContinue reading “My Soul Invocation:”


This prayer excites your threefold flame and invokes an ascension spiral of light within your heart. I AM loving the Lord my God with all my heart And with all my mind and with all my strength And with all my soul, and I AM loving my neighbor as myself. I AM serving the LordContinue reading “JESUS GREAT COMMANDMENT PRAYER”

Father – Mother Life

You are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection ,y perfect fulfillment of every need and my highest inspiration. I ask you to reveal the true Reality of Yourself to me. I know it is your Will that I shall be fully illumined that I may better receive awareness of Your Presence withinContinue reading “Father – Mother Life”