Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre

31-03-2022 Akata Correspondence with Peter Dearest Peter, I know you are very busy at the moment, hopefully it will not take up too much of your time. With today I have closed the unAscended sponsorship in the EGA, I would say, even this is part of the learning experience, bitter sweet. On one hand receivedContinue reading “Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre”

Response from Peter Concerning Archangel Lucifer

Dear, Thank you for your email to explain more about this connection with Archangel Lucifer! Many people get caught up on this Beloved Archangel because of the relationship that has surrounded him through the creation of fear by human beings and in this understanding he became identified as Satan of the Devil. These names andContinue reading “Response from Peter Concerning Archangel Lucifer”