Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32

06-07-2022 02:00 萬言, 萬山 ,萬火恆, 萬一為中, Thousand (million) words, thousand (million) mountains, blazing flame burns forever (long lasting, CONSISTANCY, Preservation Gene Key 32) 與萬同行, 無悔、無積 Walk with thousands ( million brothers and sisters), no regret, no accumulation (of matter, materials) 心, 恆也, 平也, Heart, is ever lasting, is tranquility. 心以記、為一, 以恆為一, 無憾, 再以為一, Remembrance with heart, to be ONE, ONE with consistency,Continue reading “Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32”

St. Germain, Keep Going, Keep on Going

15-06-2022 Who is coming? Is that you St. Germain? Greeting, dear one, I am so glad to see  that you are healing yourself with such splendid result. Yes, I sent you my energy, while you are listening to Pearl’s book. And of course, she is also sending you energy. Through Chris you got to knowContinue reading “St. Germain, Keep Going, Keep on Going”

07-12-2021 Teton

07-12-2021 02:00 First night ever entered the Retreat in the Teton Mountain. At the beginning, so much light inside my mind eyes….. seeing the mountain in the background. This chinese character came to me:  念 = 今+心 今: This, Today, Now, Current, Present, Modern 心: Heart 念: Miss/Missing, Yearn, Longing, Desire to see/meet again FromContinue reading “07-12-2021 Teton”

Teton’s Freedom

My Crown Chakra was vibrating intensely, almost hard not to scratch my head. During the half sleep, half awaken stage, I have written down the following phrases: Teton’s Freedom Beyond the Shadow where the Light lays, Beyond Death, Eternity. You Unascended Being, Find your Freedom. Beyond the Veil, Father’s Embrace, Lonely journey, Mother’s Heart Waits.Continue reading “Teton’s Freedom”

Petition to the Lords of Karma

I have written a Petition to the Teton Retreat Karmic Board: Beloved Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma, ‘I Am’ Akata Sun Light, born Cheung Yin Chie, became Genevieve. Tonight, with the blessing of our Mother and Father God, ‘I Am’ sending you the Petition of the end of year 2021. This year ‘I Am’Continue reading “Petition to the Lords of Karma”