10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements

This post is dedicated to those of you who have joined me today on the 10 10 Portal, and the Birthing of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary. I Am blessed by your Presences, by your love and support. Archangel Michael was the first to come in the morning, which has such a calming effect in myContinue reading “10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements”


PETITION TO THE KARMIC BOARD: VESTA FLAME SANCTUARY Invocation: Beloved Mother/Father Life, you are my Life, My Wisdom, and My Constant support. I know this Vesta Flame Sanctuary is your Plan for the New children on Erthe. I Am Blessed with your Permission to carry out this Plan as your Ambassador, the Guardian, the CreatorContinue reading “PETITION TO THE KARMIC BOARD”

Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32

06-07-2022 02:00 萬言, 萬山 ,萬火恆, 萬一為中, Thousand (million) words, thousand (million) mountains, blazing flame burns forever (long lasting, CONSISTANCY, Preservation Gene Key 32) 與萬同行, 無悔、無積 Walk with thousands ( million brothers and sisters), no regret, no accumulation (of matter, materials) 心, 恆也, 平也, Heart, is ever lasting, is tranquility. 心以記、為一, 以恆為一, 無憾, 再以為一, Remembrance with heart, to be ONE, ONE with consistency,Continue reading “Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32”

The Great Divine Director Transmission

07-05-2022 Greeting Dear One. Firstly, please calm your heart, your emotion. And listen with great care of what I have to say, my dear one. It is the first time that we communicate.   You  have read many of my discourses, and you have listened with great attention. Especially the one regarding  what you are hereContinue reading “The Great Divine Director Transmission”