Everyday Hero 14′

This Week’s 12-18 Nov Submission Showcase on The Writers Club Gene Key 14 Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness “Life is filled with outer compromises. To live without outer compromises would involve a huge selfishness. The inside is where the gold lies hidden, to learn how to overcome our selfish tendencies to compromise our higher self,Continue reading “Everyday Hero 14′”

A Dragon and A Feather

Somewhere during the week, I was re-reading the 56th Gene Key while doing the Genius Sequence, it said: If you have this Siddhi in your Hologenetic profile, your life is supposed to teach you about this love through the world and its suffering you should never shy away from suffering, for suffering is the toxin thatContinue reading A Dragon and A Feather

Fear, or BETTER Laugh! 56

The Writers Club Show Case Week 14th-20th August 2022 Chaos descend, What I am going to do? Fear swelling, What I am going to do? Screaming for help, What I am going to do? Peace I seek, Where can I find it? Peace I have, How much do you have? Enough Peace I have, IsContinue reading “Fear, or BETTER Laugh! 56”


DO YOU NEED TO ASK?DO YOU NEED TO LEARN?JUST LIVING!JUST LOVING!JUST LAUGHING! 30th July 2022  Gene Key 56 In the ancient Jewish sacred text known as the Talmud, a strange and mystical prophecy reads: “And in the time to Come, The Holy One will make a banquet for the righteous From the flesh of the leviathan,Continue reading “FINAL LESSON 56”

Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! 60

Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! In NO circumstances, any man/women shall forsaken their Divine right for being the Sons and Daughters of God! The Right to Breathe Freely! The Right to Live Freely! The Right to Do Good for the Greatest Good of All is our Divine Purpose! All Beings, including andContinue reading “Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! 60”


Let it go, let it go!No more expectation in waiting station.Free yourself from ancient fear: Abandon by who you love.The most precious love IS you, INSIDE you, ALL of you.Fill you up with your love.Hugging trees, watching stars, Mother Gaia is full of  Love.Be that TREE, be that STAR,Be YOU.NO more expectation in waiting station.YouContinue reading “LET IT GO! 42”

Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32

06-07-2022 02:00 萬言, 萬山 ,萬火恆, 萬一為中, Thousand (million) words, thousand (million) mountains, blazing flame burns forever (long lasting, CONSISTANCY, Preservation Gene Key 32) 與萬同行, 無悔、無積 Walk with thousands ( million brothers and sisters), no regret, no accumulation (of matter, materials) 心, 恆也, 平也, Heart, is ever lasting, is tranquility. 心以記、為一, 以恆為一, 無憾, 再以為一, Remembrance with heart, to be ONE, ONE with consistency,Continue reading “Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32”