Professional Bio

Hi there, I Am Cheung Y.C. Genevieve

some may call me

Akata Vesta
Founder of Vesta Flame Sanctuary, Author/Poet, Reiki Master, Content Manager.

soon to be:

Galactic Astrologer, Luminous Educator

Born in China, grew up in Hong Kong, studied at the University in Australia (Human Resources Management, Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne), then came to live in Italy for almost 30 years.

Since 2019, I have been searching and understanding what kind of Future I desire for the next generations to come. With the vision of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary, I do understand that in order to create and build anything, first I must go within, understanding myself, what’s need to be transmuted and transformed. We cannot think of changing our world without changing ourselves first! I am so blessed to find many teachers and guidance during this endeavor. When we open ourselves up for higher guidance, the right people always come at the right moment.

After Esoteric Study in the last 2 years, at this particular time and space, I am engaging with Galactic Astrology with Julia Balaz and Intuition & Consciousness with Penny Kelly.

If I look back in time, I will say my spiritual journey really started when I decided to go to Australia. Coming from a poor family, there were many obstacles before I can pack my bag. With one year of school fees paid and 3 month of living expenses, I departed from Hong Kong without looking back.

I was suffocating, Australia seems to be a country “Wild” enough to run for. Australia was a perfect place for one to create his/her own image, a new future. But I didn’t know it then why I choose Australia exactly. Only now, after all this year, I can put a word into the feeling when I walked up Ayres Rock (an energetic portal) one early morning. It was HOME COMING!

With the study of Galactic Astrology, it has helped me greatly in understanding my life path, in joining many dots together. It also gives explanation to the physical disease that I have been suffered for almost 20 years.

My intention and attention are always fixed on the manifestation of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary. One step at a time, letting myself be guided from within and without, listening to the inner voice. One should not put too much stress in achieving within certain time frame, but how to arrive with Grace and Ease.

Thank you and thank you

Cheung Genevieve (Akata Vesta)