The Rose of Venus

Hello dear souls,

This is Akata, thank you so much for joining me. Today I would like to finally present myself, of the significant of my name Akata Vesta, my soul journey explains through Galactic Astrology, and finally I am so thrill to present to you a series of Podcast, which I call: the rose of Venus.

If you by chance have already visit my website:, you would have seen right on the home page, how I have connected with the name Akata, a name that I received from my Past/Present/Future Self from Arcturus. While, Vesta, is from my Esoteric background, with Blessing by Godmother Vesta – The Central Sun. This is my privilege to hold the sacred flame in, through and around me.

At the beginning of 2020, I was visited by a light being, whom had taken me to travel into the space, in particular in a space ship. Where I seeing her (as my other self), was participating in a kind of meeting with many other light beings.

She shown herself in a form that which later on I can relate to as Arcturus. She also left me a name, a name so long that when I awoke, all I can remember was Akata. Which with every cell of my soul, I just love this name, and it is how I started to call myself Akata.

By using this name, it has helped me greatly in moving forward, raising the stage of consciousness. It is also a process of remembrance, recalling my divine blueprint.

But I didn’t have any concrete prove that I have this connection with Arcturus, until I started to study Galactic Astrology with Julia Balaz. You can find more information in:, and you can also find out your star connection here in

Here is an example how the Galactic astrology chart may look like. As for myself, I finally find the prove of my connection with Arcturus and many other fixed stars. Looking at my sun alignment is Libra, we can see not only with Arcturus, but also with Virgo spica, and Andromeda for examples.

The Arcturian energy always feels as a divine presence of unconditional love and support, deep emotional healing experience, or as a surge of divinely inspired creativity. their presence is often perceived as the Christ or Buddha or God vibration or archetype of matrix. I will do a separate video of Arcturus and many other fixed stars.

Now finally, I would like to present the podcast: the rose of Venus. Venus has great influence in my natal chart as well as Galactic astrology chart. It is tightly conjunct with the Super Galactic Center at 0.22 degree.

Venus in Libra, a comfortable sign for her given her rulership association for balancing the scales and theoretically working to establish equilibrium and ease in all things. When she aligns with the Super-Galactic Center (ZS), her attention turns toward noticing what is attractive and what is not, whether a place, situation, person, aspiration or destiny itself.

The Super Galactic Center is a cluster of 30+ galaxies of which our galaxy is a gravitationally captive, participating member. It’s huge. It’s diverse. It’s complicated and as a result of the supermassive black hole that essentially draws the galaxies toward its singularity for a galactic gourmet platter to devour, it emits a violent gaseous jet.

In a nutshell this point of Libra possesses insanely potent drawing power. It is irresistible with all its gravity and string of lights. Within the nature of the transiting planet, what’s tugging on your strings of consciousness? Where is your attention pulled? What feels like the inevitable choice in life and does it serve your best purposes? Follow the flow and all is good. Resist the pull and the outcomes are not as positive.

With this series the Rose of Venus, it is exactly where I would like to introduce to you many being of Light, some of them are my fellow Galactic Astrologers, some are my clients who have very interesting experiences to share, and some are the people who I have the honor to meet in varies situations. All of them have so much knowledge and wisdom, their spiritual journey.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, As above so below, the heart is where we meet, our connection with the divine.

The rose, it possessed five petals and interestingly, if we track the movements made by the planet Venus as she orbits the sun, over a period of eight years, we see they create a fivefold rose pattern called the rose of Venus. Venus was the roman goddess of love, sex and fertility, and her symbol was the rose. Perhaps the ancients knew more about the interconnectedness of the Universe and life than we thank.

I invite you to join us in this series the rose of Venus, to look at anything that can bring us closer to our emotion, in better alignment of our purpose, to trust in the tapestry of life, the ever-changing nature and to be dedicated to living a life that’s deeply aligned.

I will close this transmission today with the prayer that I received from Mother Vesta, our Central Sun, with her blessings, over light all our adventures from here onward. Namaste.

The Flame of Justice,

The Flame of Protection,

The Flame of Warmth,

The Flame of Love,

The Flame Illuminates the Darkness, Within and Without,

The Flame Overlooks the New Erthe for the New Children

Mother Vesta is here for YOU,

Please Come and Receive this Gift with Your Pure Heart, and Pure Intent!



And so it is

And so it is

And so it is.


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