Astrology Week 8th – 14th May

Neptune, the Mystic! Forever veiling behind mystery!

No wonder the clearest vision of it’s RING is so VEILED 😉💜💜💜

James Webb Telescope Captures ‘Clearest View’ of Neptune’s Rings in Decades






This Mercury Retrograde finally ends in 72 hours. This marks the beginning of your rebirth. 2023 started tough & stagnant, because your frequency had to be upgraded. Your old version & your past had to be released. It’s now time to achieve your soul mission & life purposes. 🧬🙌







Art:El jardín del artista en Vétheuil”. (1881)

Por Claude Monet. Impresionista francés

Galería Nacional de Arte/EE.UU.

Astronomers from @UniofNewcastle have found that supermassive black holes obscured by dust are more likely to grow & release tremendous amounts of energy when they are inside galaxies that are expected to collide with a neighbouring galaxy. 🌌

Learn more:







Hoag’s Object is a rare ring galaxy located over 600 million light years from Earth. A near perfect circle full of young bright blue stars is formed around a ball of older mostly red giant stars. In between is a gap that appears almost completely empty. Delightfully distinctive.







8th May 2023

Good morning, happy Monday dear souls. 💜💜💜

This impressive infrared picture by NASA’s Spitzer shows W5, an intense star-forming region some 6,500 ly away in Cassiopeia.

It is sculpted by the flare of a generation of massive stars that is triggering the birth of the next.

W5 contains large cavities, dug by radiation & winds from its most massive stars.

According to the theory of triggered star formation (TSF), the excavating of these cavities propels gas together, making it to ‘flame up’ into succeeding generations of stars.

In the picture the color red shows heated dust pervading the cavities. Green shows the dense clouds. White nodose areas are where the youngest of stars are forming.

The blue dots represent older stars in the region, as well as unrelated stars behind and in front of it.











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