Rouhaya Issa

Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Guidance session

Every client, when come to us for the Quantum Soul Guidance session. It is always an incredible honor for us. We are being given the complete trust to work with their Higher Self. We all go through certain trauma, not only this incarnation, but many other life times in and out of this planet. In many, we carry within our DNA of the Galactic history, that unfortunately, not always blissful. In many cases, we are here not only to clear our personal Karma, but also taken upon our shoulder the Karma of the Collective. We are the generation that say: From here shall not pass!

I am eternally grateful to each client that come into my sphere of influence, for allowing me to give this incredible service, of being assistance in anyway in their Soul journey. Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.

Today, I am sharing another testimony of a beloved sister, a true Warrior.

“I’d like to thank you for the wonderful journey you took me into through my Galactic Astrology. The richness of the information I gathered through the reading added more layers to what I had already uncovered by various means about my soul journey. One specific information in regards to my most recent past incarnation shed more light on a challenge my soul chose to face and overcome this lifetime. It was extremely relevant though unexpected. I also understood my aversion to a specific location from an early age. I just didn’t want to go to that place.

It showed me how much I have already healed and transmuted so far and I aligned completely with where the journey it taking me from now on. I know I’ll need time to integrate all the wisdom and healing I’ve gained through my session with Akata and I am forever grateful for the gifts I received from this reading. Akata is truly a divinely gifted soul and her contribution to our soul journey and evolution through her craft is highly valuable. I highly recommend her.”

Rouhaya Issa

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