Dear souls,

It is such a pleasure for me to share with you that I have just become a Certified Practitioner of Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Guidiance on 04-04-2023.

There are many that have given their unconditional support during this journey. With this occasion, I would like to celebrate it with you a Testimony by a Pillar of Light, a Mentor, who has never doubt of my ability with her motherly love. It is such a blessing to know her, connect with her, and to be loved so unconditionally by her. To you my deepest gratitude, Beloved Jeannette DiGesu


“I have had several astrology readings over the years that helped me through different stages of my life, but never one that digs deep into Mind, Heart and Soul giving you birds eye view of all of your seven bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Etheric, Christ Self, Causal and Electronic. My reading from Akata was a truly spiritual reading that I probably would have not understood or appreciated as much in my younger years…I wasn’t ready to hear the truth and wisdom she shared until now.

Akata presents everything with such Beauty and Divine Order and simple to understand. Her ability to tap into your soul along with the intelligence and wisdom to teach is exceptional. She pierced my heart and soul with a knowingness that cannot be put into words. Her readings are for those who are seeking spiritual mastery and enlightenment with a good balance of practical grounding wisdom and truth.

After saying the prayer to Godmother Vesta, I immediately felt the Divine Presence of the Masters strongly as their radiance flowed through our session, leaving me with Great Peace and a feeling of Divine Love, Wisdom and Intelligence.

The unconditional love and time that Akata shared with me was a food and nutrients to my heart, mind and soul. She is a true Servant of God who is very gifted with both Divine Intelligence and Heart.

I have integrated much of her reading in my life this week and it has brought me on an extraordinary and amazing journey to my true and divine nature and I AM Presence filling it with beauty, miracles and hope.

Please do not hesitate to get a reading from Akata. It is welI-written, enlightening and profound; helping me to understand, bringing to my awareness many aspects of my soul’s journey! Your reading and teaching ability is Divine! Even better, she gave me a progressed chart of the next two years. So wonderful to know my Galactic heritage and for now having a true feeling of Oneness with all Life without omission.

It is well-written, profound and enlightening! A must read for all those who seek spiritual mastery and enlightenment.

Thank you Akata, for being in my Life again and for spreading your beautiful Light to humanity. You are a true Servant of God. I am humbled and honored to be a part of it.”

Jeannette DiGesu



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