Beloved souls,

Some asked me what is really Galactic Astrology?

To simply put, Galactic Astrology is a reading where we trace our Soul Origin through Time and Space! Where our Souls started the journey. Maybe from a Black Hole, from other Constellations, or Fixed Stars! Here I would only say how I approach my reading sessions, while others may have a totally different approach from me.

In Galactic Astrology, I firstly use traditional astrology as a backbone to understand a person life through the important aspects which a natal chart can provide. We can only know who we were, or who to become by knowing who we are at Present. Why we are going through major difficulties in this life? What Karmic lessons/directions can be shown etc.  In this most likely, Akashic records reading is already involved, especially those that have major influences and importance to our life purpose now.

With the information given by Galactic Astrology Charts, I will then be tunning with the Higher Self of the clients. I will look at their soul journey, not just here in this planet earth, but through time and space back to the Soul origin! Is a very different approach. Who comes to us, already know what they are searching! They know somehow, they have connection with the Orion or Arcturus, they are searching for “HOME” looking up at the night sky… This undeniable longing for some connection outside this beautiful planet we call Earth!

We carry in our DNA, inside our bones, the Galactic history, trauma, experiences… it is there waiting to be triggered! During the Quantum Soul Guidance session, somehow Healing is also involved, finally the validation to our subconscious, what we know to be TRUE!

As a Certified Galactic Astrologer, it is my pleasure and honor to be given this service. For more information, please visit: www.becominglotus.org.

Today I am sharing with you another testimony by a beloved Brother. Who is none the less the Genius mind behind http://www.galacticastrochart.com, where you could find out your Galactic Chart by putting in your birth details.

“ I had an amazing Galactic Astrology session with Akata. She did a wonderful job preparing my galactic chart and a powerful presentation.

Her work is truly professional and she never hesitates going the extra mile. Akata’s prayers and meditations are one of a kind.

She made me travel across the galaxies reaching several constellations including Centaurus, Orion and Andromeda during our galactic meditation.

Akata’s Galactic Reading was spot on and she was so kind to include and analyze my family’s charts.

Akata has a unique and powerful talent, and I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Warm regards,

Hector M Manjarrez”

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