Aries New Moon

This is such a busy and important week astrologically speaking.

Mercury in Aries, Mars in Gemini, both call for action, making the decision, be spontaneous.

Dip into the creativity energy of Saturn in Pisces. The action now will have long lasting effect, as Aries is going to have 2nd New Moon in the Eclipse season in 20th April 2023.

Life changing moment in every aspect, set your New Moon ritual, your intention for the Astrological New Year to come.

I would like to share with you the below image. The call of action, be the THUNDER.

In Lakota Culture, Spring Solstice symbolizes the return of ‘Thunder Beings’ (Wakinyans)! As Thunder rumbles shaking the ground-slowly awakening insects, flowers and animals out of hibernation! Bringing a renewal to life, a new season, showing that Life always moves in a circle!

Ref: @Native3rd

For more details:

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