Soul Sisters

Dear Sisters,

For the first post of the year, I would like to dedicate to you, my dear sisters from the Past, Present and Future.

Since 2020, the journey of Awakening in the last 3 years, there is you Beloved J, from the very first day of me joining Brother DK study. Your Presence is a Pillar of Light, of guidance, of Unconditional Love.

Many moments I fall down on my knees, facing shadow and fear, seeing my world crumpling down, piece by piece. When I though there was nothing more to lose, there came the dark night of the Soul.  The Self is the last to go. Would I be able to go through all these situations without the support of strong bond Sisterhood? I doubt it very much. Many times, I did entertain the notion of giving up. Back to the old, closed my eyes, nothing had ever happened – only a bad dream!

With these sisters, I walked through many hurdles, one by one. Some of you are not within my sphere of influence any longer. I wish you Peace and Joy in your paths, your purposes.

I am so blessed that life guided me into another new adventure, into knowing more dear souls.  You who have dedicated your time, attention and sharing. Life can be easy and beautiful with open-hearted connections.

During this difficult period of 2022 Xmas and New Year, your kind words, and laughs have helped me greatly. I don’t think there is a better medicine or healing than a heartfelt good laugh! True wisdom my friends.

A Soul Tribe is not only who were meant to meet. A Soul Tribe is where Souls honor their Presences, by being Presence.

I honor the Devine Feminine in you of your Love, I honor the Sacred Masculine in you of your Strength.

May We Pass Every Test

And So It Is

Art work: Joma Sipe – I am tired of tears –

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