“Brain” People – Will vs Love

I have a friend since the day in Australia. He was the person who walked me down the aisle , gave my hand to my now ex-husband. A person so intelligent and intriguing, I could listen to him for hours. Mostly because I loved him so profoundly. With time, he disappeared into his own thoughts, walked away to some other ‘world’ that I am not a part of. A friendship could have withstanding time and space, now only past memories.

I tend to attract “Brain” people, both men and women. Maybe they consider me as one of them, that is, someone with enough “Brain”.  Call it intelligence, call it knowledge, call it know-how, whatever you want. If I draw a patten of all these past/present friendships. Being around with these intelligent people is very tiring. Not because I don’t enjoy intellect, because I call for Love ABOVE Intellect.

They usually stick around until the day they consider me doing something out of logic. They may ask why an intelligent person like me will take such and such illogical actions???!!!

Well, dear friends past/present/future, I am super intelligent because I follow my heart calling, by using my intellect to support me on the way to fulfil my purposes. Which I would call “Wisdom”.

To use only brain – the logical/left brain thinking, cutting off the heart is what we have been taught our lives. Even those proclaim Unconditional Love, that they are Awakened in the Aquarian Age, are more or less still rooted in the old paradigm. The privilege of one and neglect of the other simply stop us from evolving.

If Sacred Masculine can be represented by the Will Power, and Divine Feminine by the Love Power. It is the fusion of both that drive our civilisation forward to the New Age. With both Will and Love inside us until they become ONE.

At this particular moment in time, I am surrounded by many Divine Feminine (both man and women), who have the Sacred Masculine power within, and who have rekindle the flame of Heart, of expression, of creativity. They are the BRAVE, will stand by in high and low.

Recently, a beloved sister is reconnected with an old friend, because he makes her laugh so much! There you go, in such a simple term! Sharing of thoughts can not last without sharing of hearts. The moment when two persons can share a good laugh, many laughs together. This is the true friendship and love in its Purest Essence.

I am so blessed to have a friend with whom I don’t need to think when writing. If I am crying, I simple write: I am crying! No drama, but simply an emotion. To share the same sentiment and smile when reading messages, geographic distance is nothing. Our path crisscross through continent (Australia), and group. I am so grateful to his and many other friendships in this time and space. When we rise our Consciousness up in a higher plain, we are Together, we are ONE!

I desire to see the day we Human will let our heart sings without fear, to be the living example to our children. Only then we can create the Future that we desire.




29-10-2022 11:11

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