Mother Gaia

I am your Mother On Earth, with you Father in Heaven.

I gave birth to this land, to nurture you with my Love.

Once your heart beat together with mine.

Until the date you walked away.

The falling of angels, you believe you are the owner on Earth!

You rape this land with your activities and thoughts.

When the volcano erupts,

When the Tsunami floods,

When the Earth shakes,

When the sky cry all days and nights,

Then you may understand you own nothing

But bow your head and cry!

Will you ever come back to my bosom,

Let me embrace you with abundance!

I have never walked away,

Listen to your inner wisdom,

And you find me always there.

Tell me how much your love me,

Tell me what you will do to amend,

Tell me what is your creative dreams

And I be there to cheer on you.

As you are my sons and daughters forever more.

I Love this ERTHE as I Love you.

Your Mamma

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