In the silent hour,

Diving deep into the sea,

Swimming with imagination,

You were there by my side.

Longing for your Presence,

Searching deep in abyss,

Flowing through me the touch of your fingers,

Praying for union NOW.

22 10 2022 The Rose of Venus 8 year cycle

I was at a beloved sister’s home, listening to her playing instrument and singing. At some point, I felt my fingers hurt, a signal to do some writing. While I was deep into my vision, writing out the first few lines, her singing coming at me. Not exactly the same words, from sea to ocean, from flow to swim…. yet love is love… if this is not telepathy or synchronicity, I don’t know what is!  (p.s. she made me changed from TOMORROW to NOW,  lol :)!!!)

It was a memory came into my mind: many years back diving in Thailand. I tend to lost sense of connection when staying in the underwater world. I was so happily swimming with a turtle, could be an old friend from some other life time. So engrossed in that moment, I was diving away….. Until I heard a metallic sound, the guide was calling me back to the group.

One second to make a decision, one second too late, the turtle was already gone. There was nothing to do but back to the matrix. Maybe the subconscious mind already knew something was not right. It is not the first time, maybe not the last, wonder what could one feel when disappear deep into the abyss!

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