10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements

This post is dedicated to those of you who have joined me today on the 10 10 Portal, and the Birthing of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary. I Am blessed by your Presences, by your love and support.

Archangel Michael was the first to come in the morning, which has such a calming effect in my heart.

When the ceremony started, Grandmother Anna, and the Essene family were here, bringing water energy with them.

It was 11:11 am when the ceremony finished. I am truly grateful to all of you. From today, the Proposal of the VESTA FLAME SANCTUARY  is out in the universe. I was so Peaceful during the whole process, and all 4 Elements were presented.

Fire: a copy of the proposal was burned.

Earth: the ashes of the proposal, mixed with soil, which I shall spread them out when next I go to the property.

Air: Your presences through time and space, our breath joined together.

Water: this song came through random selection, I didn’t choose it.

Later on, by incident, I knocked down a full glass of water,  my clothing was wet, the desk was wet, and the copy of the proposal was wet.

I was a little bit dismay by this mishap, then I heard a little voice: BAPTISM. Well, for someone like me, who has never been through any church ceremony. Here is my baptism finally. So grateful to you all.

Below was the Petition I wrote to the Karmic Board on the 11 Sept, and the reply by our Beloved St. Germain.




Beloved Mother/Father Life, you are my Life, My Wisdom, and My Constant Support.

I know this Vesta Flame Sanctuary is your Plan for the New children on Erthe.

I Am Blessed with your Permission to carry out this Plan as your Ambassador, the Guardian, the Creator on Erthe on your Behave.

I Am Blessed by the Great Divine Director, who came in person to inform me the approval for such Petition.

I Am Blessed as you give me the opportunity to find my Freedom, so that I can finally take up the “STAFF” that has always been by my side, to take up the full responsibility and duty in carrying out such Plan.

To All my Beloved Master Sponsors and Loving Essene Family, now I ask You, to hold my hands, send me the guidance, to bring me forward each and every steps to carry out the Plan. To send into my Sphere of influence the person/s, event/s, opportunity/ies, contributor/s that are necessary.

I know the Right Person/s to work with me is out there. May you clear his/her/their minds, so that they would come wholeheartedly and full of Pure Intention into the manifestation of this Plan.

I know, I only need to listen to my heart, the inner voice for all your advises. Yet, sometimes, you know this little mind of mine is so busy in thinking here and there. If I don’t get correctly of your messages, please make sure I will hear it properly and completely.

Beloved Essene Family of my heart, for thousands of years we had been doing the best we could. Now I sincerely grateful for this Chance once again, to bring into this New Erthe, this Divine Community, where ABUNDANCE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, HEALTH, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, RESPECT, and of All COSMIC LAWS are followed and implemented.

My little mind still let this 3D world environment and actions to influence my Believe and Faith in this Project. May the Love of Mother God and the Light of Father God FOREVER ILLUMINE my “I AM” PRESENCE. All obstacles are nothing but a test. MAY I PASS EVERY TEST!




With the blessing from Heavenly Mother and Father, ALL THING IS PROVIDED. The 7 Mighty Elohims are here to bless and seal the Final Manifestation of the VESTA FLAME SANCTUARY. Mother Vesta Flame is here to illumine this Sanctuary and the whole New Erthe. Blessed are the one who has ‘FAITH’


Akata Vesta



2022 09 11 St. Germain

Beloved, this is St. Germain

I come to comfort you of your situation. Have no Fear, my dear one. When you observe everything from a higher perspective, nothing seems as it is.

I know you have many questions, and uncertainties. Now you don’t have the EGA or Peter to ask advise any longer, and you know it is time to put on your Master Robe. To take full responsibility as you wrote to the Karmic Board.

It is well received, doesn’t matter if you burn it or not, go the the Property or not. If you prefer to do the ceremony for your own pleasure, please do so. But know that we have already received, and I Am here to give your full approval. All is running as it needs to be. You hold the ground there. Never let anyone, any situation to tell you otherwise. If you want to rest for a few days, please do so. This should never become a ‘Stress’  to you, but a pleasant endeavour. With obstacles in the way, but just as you say, all obstacle is nothing but a Test! So hold your head high, beloved Akata. Plant your feet firmly. You are overlook by all of us. None of us ever left you because you are not with the EGA any longer. Sleep and rest, be gentle with yourself and people around you. They too are playing their parts, including your husband. If he was different, would you ever consider to leave him? He holds his own Karma, Free Will to decide how he wants to conduct his life! Not much you can do, but press ahead with your Purpose, the Plan.

All is Provided, Nothing to ask. Just take the necessary steps with dedication, show your true capacity and Light/Love.

Be gentle, be very gentle. Take a rest, have been very intense in the past weeks. Do not ever doubts that you are not fully assisted.

The right person/s will come. The right channels will come. The right amount will come. All is provided, nothing to ask.

Your beloved friend

St. Germain

4 thoughts on “10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements

  1. “This should never become a ‘Stress’ to you, but a pleasant endeavour. With obstacles in the way, but just as you say, all obstacle is nothing but a Test!” Indeed.

    Love the proposal by the way, especially the fonts and layout.

    Liked by 1 person

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