A baby in a bamboo crib

A baby in a bamboo crib, placed outside of a mansion.

He cried out loud, for hunger, he knew he was abandoned.

The door opened, a beautiful face, gracious face, slim fingers never touch hard work,

But playing string Shamisen, pouring sake into cups.

Behind her stood a man, strong, powerful, a Samurai.

A man every woman desire, a man she desired the most.

Only he was not her man, he paid for her entertainment.

A Geisha none the less.

That night, three lives changed forever.

The baby boy found the mother of Fate,

The woman found the baby she couldn’t have,

The Samurai found an apprentice, but lost his lover.

In a flesh of light, she dropped the luxurious life.

Went back to the deep mountain, with the baby in her bosom.

He never knew this beautiful woman was not his true mother.

He never knew what she had done to keep him alive.

Life was hard in the deep mountain,

Even harder for former Geisha, and bastard child.

He was shouting, screaming, pounding his fists!

He will not be weak one more second!

He went to the city, under the wing of the Samurai,

Emotion hide deep inside, no one will ever see him cry.

He become a Samurai, strong, impenetrable as desired.

Face as hard as stone, no one will ever see him cry.

Until the day that she died, he wasn’t even by her side.

Only then did he know, she had loved him with all her might.

He was shouting, screaming, pounding his fists!

Now he wanted to hold his mother one more time,

Only if she can see him cry one more time!

He was crying inside the bamboo crib.

To released this pain inside.


I have a wonderful Heart Chakra Zoom Mediation with Kaylaa (https://www.youngascendedmasters.com/). I didn’t quite understand why the above past life came into my vision. I have seen it in one other occasion, during my Master Reiki Attunement, he was in extreme saddness in front of his mother’s alter. I was crying together with him

This time, he was going through the healing process. He was letting it go, made amendment with the past. And I am letting go together with him.

In roughly one year, a year and a half, so much has changed, sometime I wonder, how I am able to go through this period. There is no going back, only walking forward. Who has awakened, there is no backing to the old paradigm.


LOVE, the only reason, the only force behind all things.

p.s. at the end of the meditation, Chiron came into vision, so strong and light in gait, a wink and smile.

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