Unsent Letter

The Writers Club Showcase of Week 2nd Sept – 8th Oct


One more letter into the unsent bundle, accumulated life after life.

Words written never sent, whisper to the air.

Letters I should have received, only you too never sent them away.

Feeling restrains, sentiment is a dangerous affair.

Long gone abundance in heart, control by the mind.

Settle for less, I can be happy anyway!

Less is Less, More is More,

Less never fulfil the vastness of the heart.

Closing the eyes, is only a temporary solution.

Daughter of ISIS, the art of loving.

Wrapped in red sari, walked under blood red sky.

Claimed up into the Chamber, ancient teaching of Love.

To shred of old fear, full liberation through Love.

I Am here to fly, to flow with life.

I Am Divine Love, tossing petals of roses.

As Above, So Below, Heart joins both.

Now is wide open, to be Unconditional Love.

I donโ€™t want to die one more time, with regret in my heart.

If one day I die, I die with a smile.

I love ME, I love YOU, I love LIFE.

I Am here to fly, to flow with life.

I Am Divine Love, tossing petals of roses.

And So It Is.

Akata Vesta

May Peace be upon you, until PEACE IS YOU.

9 thoughts on “Unsent Letter

    1. Thank you so much Ben. I felt it so much when writing this piece. Writing for me is still such a new adventure, still learning to hear from within. Thank you again โ˜บ๏ธ.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure!

        BTW, please feel free to call me ‘David’ because that is my first name. The word ‘ben’ simply means ‘son of’ in Hebrew – and ‘Alexander’ was my father’s name… I created my blog in his memory, you see.

        I know this is confusing because ‘Ben’ is also a popular name in English – I’m sorry about the confusion!

        Much love,


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