A Dragon and A Feather

Somewhere during the week, I was re-reading the 56th Gene Key while doing the Genius Sequence, it said:

If you have this Siddhi in your Hologenetic profile, your life is supposed to teach you about this love through the world and its suffering you should never shy away from suffering, for suffering is the toxin that you are here to use to become intoxicated. As your let life’s arrows pierce you one after another, you will eventually find yourself so defeated that you begin to laugh. You will stop trying to direct life and you will surrender. The glorious moment this happens to you, your entire consciousness will shift from the horizontal to the vertical. You will begin to see that at this level, every single thing in life can be enriching. It is all a matter of attitude. 

(The Gene Keys – Embracing your Higher Purpose – by Richard Rudd)

“As it draws you to itself,

What pleasure your suffering becomes.

Its fires are like water

Do not tense your face.

To be present in the soul is its work.

And to break your vows.

By its complex art

These atoms are trembling in their hearts.”


While going for my usual walk, searching for some precious corners where I can still breathe with  the Mother Nature. This park, a public park, hardly anyone go there, most often I have the whole park only to myself. One ancient tree in particular, I just love to climb up and do my meditation. There is some Dragon’s energy in this tree, from a special angle, you can clearly see the dragon head, with his heart on the side, wide open, very welcoming. Sometime I stop for 10 minutes, sometimes longer, sometime just have enough time to give it a good hug. It is always there, not moving, waiting patiently, people comes and goes, seasons change, standing with his arms wide open.

And that day, I felt some deep deep love for this tree, for this dragon with his heart wide open. The connection with the Nature, forming this Energy Forcefield, isn’t it Love in its Purest Essence!

UNCONDITIONAL. This wide opening of the Senses, of Love, almost Frightening.

Let’s continue with the same 56th Gene Key:

Of all the five senses, says Hamvas, the mouth is the one that takes life in to deepest. The eyes keep life at a distance, the ears allow it a bit closer, the hands reach across the physicality and the nose inhales life into the body. The mouth stands alone, because it has to take life in and ingest it. He says the mouth has three ways of connecting: speaking, eating and kissing, and kissing is the ultimate because it alone gives and takes simultaneously. Hamvas says that the ultimate exchange of life is the kiss. This is both literal and symbolic. To kiss life is to become intoxicated by life, Hamvas adores the senses. He sees them as the vessels of enlightenment rather than thieves that rob our energy and awareness. This is a very different approach to the Siddhi than most others. It’s life affirming but it also requires a certain self discipline. The self discipline of the intoxicant, unlike the renunciation, is to ingest the minute, homeopathic doses of life’s essences, both poisonous and healthy.

(Gene Keys – Richard Rudd)

Walking along, with this sensation still so Fresh and Full, ‘by chance’, I saw a Feather. A feather, someone has taken the time to put it between a doorknob. Instead of laying on the ground as if rubbish, it was nested between the doorknob, waiting! I will never know why he/she has done such gesture, for one simple normal ordinary feather.

The eyes see it, the nose smell it, the hands touch it, while the ear may still hear some faint cry of the bird, I can’t say I kiss it! As crazy as I can be, not that crazy to kiss a feather, sorry!  

I took it, I brought it along to walk with me, touching the walls, trees, plants with it, as if an extended part of my arm. And it came home with me, still here, can’t bring myself to throw it out.

From the Majesty of a Dragon to the Lightness of a Feather, the Yin and the Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine, the Seen and the Unseen. It is always here around us, only if we are ready to let it comes inside, to take the risk of Feeling, of Sensation, of Love. Of Mother Gaia, and So It Is.

One thought on “A Dragon and A Feather

  1. Ah, this post has parallels to something I have been reading up on in relation to Chiron. Chiron is here to help transform the greatest pain and shadow into the greatest love and gift, as a wounded healer.

    I also found that passage from from Hamvas to be very interesting, in that the sense are treated as the tools of enlightenment as opposed to the oppressors. Those pictures look amazing 😉

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