Red Jade Stone

Today, I have a great pleasure to meet a dear soul, who is bringing a serious of Jade stones in Italy, and arranging with a number of Jewel Craftsman to express their craftsmanship/design  according to their spiritual connection with the selected stone. I found this idea totally innovating, and inspirational.

During our meeting, I was asked (as a bystander, a friend of the craftsman) to hold a Jade that I was aligned with. Out of all stones/colours/sizes, I found myself strangely attracted to a Jade stone in Red/Brown colour.

When I hold it in my hand, in the very first second, I saw an image of a woman holding a child. While this dear soul was explaining the colour red in this case was more for business prosperity and richness…. I myself simply can’t help to feel into the nature and message that this particular stone brought forth.

While it is most common for us-Human to compartmentalise almost all things/persons into certain categories, given meaning that is already prescribed by who knows whom. This way, we have some knowledge to fall back on. Yet, it is also the worst enemy in terms of learning, in knowing, in listening what this stone/person has to say!

Let’s continue with this Red Jade as an example, Red: a colour that has thousand meaning, according to culture, race, religion, teaching….etc etc.

From the Chinese culture, Red represent richness, happy moment such as wedding or new business.

From the 7 Rays, it is the first Will Power.

From the 7 Chakra, it is the 2nd Sacral chakra, where live/seed begins.

From Tarot point of view, Red can be interpreted as blood, danger, or enthusiasm.

While some may say Red is the colour of the Devil!

(If you have more suggestion, please leave a comment below.)

So which of the above is the ‘Correct’ meaning of Red? I would dare say ALL AND NONE!

If in our Intellect, we are able to put aside for one short moment, the meaning that is given to us from the external sources, but listen to this particular stone/person, we are given to ourselves the most precious gift that the Universe can ever send us. The ability to listen!

So we did a CONTEMPLATION with this stone in my hand at first, then wore it as a necklace, so it was placed in my Heart Chakra. I only wish I could describe fully the Beauty and Love that I have received.

Imagine with me for a moment, close your eyes, go through this journey with me, if you may.

Imagine you are walking in a big open surrounding, with mountains, rivers…. Mother Gaia is going through a process of detoxification, vulcano erupts, water flooding, fire burning….. the final destruction before she can REBORN again. Just as fast as this detoxification process was done, the New Erthe starts to regenerate with equal speed.

Now the trees are green and majestically tall, lives everywhere, birds, animals, crystals, flowers, and of course human being – the 3 Kingdoms, the Element, the Elementals, and Angelic Hosts are co-existing with the most Peaceful environment that we can ever dreamed of.

The RED OF THE EARTH, the ground FOR all things, OF all things, is releasing its’ Mighty Power of REGENERATION.

I, as daughter of the Erthe, can feel the love that Mother Gaia is transmitting at this moment and beyond. A daughter is a daughter of a mother, who in turn is also a daughter of a mother….till we reach the Mothers of All – MOTHER GAIA, MOTHER VESTA, of all MOTHERS SEEN OR UNSEEN!

With this I shall closed the vision being gifted by this Red Jade: A Mother holding a Child, shall stay with me forever more.

Red Jade Part 2: 

I would take this opportunity to add a little thought on a request of opinion regarding the below sentence:

“I think there’s another person that could unleash the potential of the red stone, Full Potential.”

So I was asked to express, and I hope this dear soul can understand it is only of my own thought, nothing personal.

First, FACT:the Red Jade, a stone has taken thousands of year to form, it has withstand our existence, lived and grown peacefully in its Being, until someone digged it out from the Earth,

FACT: all thing has vibration, also this Red Stone has its’ own vibration, its’ intelligence, its’ spirit. Why on Earth this Red Stone needs someone who existence is far more shorter, far less wiser to “unleash its potential”???

FACT: when someone digged it out, polished it, make it into his/her possession, fashion it into his/her own taste. During all of this process, the natural element of the stone has not been changed One bit. What has changed is only to the eyes of who is looking!

When a person affirm, spiritual or otherwise, his/her ability to do anything to a natural element, he/she is talking BS!!! BS from the stand point of Self Aggrandizement, of Spiritual Glamour, to fit the stone into his/her own narrative! 

That is the same attitude of Human in believing the Nature is LESS than us, we can do what we want in this planet, and see how and where we arrive today, with this Man Made world?!

In the New Erthe, the 5D world if you may call it, we as New Human, one of the most fundamental change needed is our attitude towards all things Nature. We need to learn how to cooperate and appreciate what Mother Gaia has gifted us. This planet can go on living for millions of years without any Human Being, not viceversa.

When such precious stone come into our presence, be HUMBLE, this stone is bringing messages from deep within its’ spirit according to the State of  Consciousness of such person.  It existence is regardless any intervention from any human.

When a person feels that this stone or that stone is not compatible with his/her state of Consciousness, this could simply means, this stone is not for you! No one should ever try to “CONQUER”, or “TRANSFORM”  the nature of Element.


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