Just when I was down with my Human Heart, feeling alone once again, in this loop of Human Desire/Expectation. Then, the Double Rainbow came into sight. Is this a message for me. I would take it as it is. Some may argue it is only a coincidence, which is not my concern. We are all FREE to believe what suit us, nothing to argue about.

Since last year, I have met a number of persons, who have shown so much wisdom and above all, love for me, that I Am truly Grateful.

When I shown this Dear Friend of mine the photos, she as always, came up with the most loving guidance:

You are so lucky to receive the blessings from DK. We might feel lonely with humans but behind the scenes, we have an entourage of followers keeping us on track so that we learn to find our happiness and joy no matter what. I just read something yesterday from Jesus that was a reminder. I think as we end a phase we go through a period of wanting to sleep more and a sort of grieving to remove all those memories that no longer serve us from the heart so that we can begin anew. Be patient with yourself and take time to rest and not do a thing. On the other side of that rainbow is a new life that will also have its share of initiations and challenges. Just guard your heart and know you are never alone and how much you are truly loved whether you are the only one . Don’t doubt your heart, right or wrong, your I AM Presence will make sure you are learning and stay on the path. No caring about what others say or do, trust the Masters. I just read this right now, it is for you…

Manifesting With Divine Will As you draw in the energy of Divine Will 7, the Will to Express, you can bring your goals into manifestation in an organized way, with care and precision, and attention to detail so that you are expressing divinity in form. You bring in the energy that manifests your goals, and that brings the action of all the other six Divine Wills into their expression on the earth plane. You are creating heaven on earth; bringing “that which is Above into that which is Below.” ~Orin


Read this yesterday when feeling alone. I know we are in the state of transition and you might feel that you are the only one seeing and believing. But you are not. You have to tread the path alone sometimes to regain your strength. This is what I read: Sometimes you must let go of certain things to have what you have asked for. You may need to release a thought, friend, useless activity, or a high level of worry. Think of something you want. Is there anything you need to let go of to get this?

One last thing that I loved when reading about Amerissis and Rose of Light Yesterday. Quote from Jesus I just read this and had to share it… “Use the Blessing of Opportunity, then, which Heaven has bestowed upon you to take dominion in your worlds and sustain the wonderful communicative Happiness of Heaven in an uninterrupted manner. Remember, blessed ones, the great Master Jesus and every Ascended One Whom We love so well, have maintained absolute Harmony day after day, night after night, long before Their Ascension – no matter what the fury of the lashing storms that may have beat at the ‘shoreline’ of their Being! . . . “

Right there, right that second, a flash of lighting inside my mind. No matter how much I thought I have let go during this journey of Awakening, taking up the Responsibility to carry out the Plan, there is always something else, hidden deep underneath, that comes out to bite!


Funny I wrote this some 5 weeks ago, evidently, I didn’t really get it!


Let it go, let it go!

No more expectation in waiting station.

Free yourself from ancient fear: Abandon by who you love.

The most precious love IS you, INSIDE you, ALL of you.

Fill you up with your love.

Hugging trees, watching stars, Mother Gaia is full of  Love.

Be that TREE, be that STAR,


NO more expectation in waiting station.

You will never be STOPPED again.

29th July 2022   GENE KEYS 42

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