Ancient Dragon of my Heart, Diamond White, Fierce Fire Breathe.

Ready to fly by my side.

Racing up to the cloud, where my Mother Embrace waiting.

Rainbow shinning in the Silent Temple.

Holding Justice with steadfastness,

Kill the Messenger is my Fate.

Where is my Sword, where is my Shield.

Did I left them behind?

They were gifted long time ago, I don’t remember where I put it!

Courage is your Sword, Firing Flame is your Shield,

You don’t need to look for it!

Stepping out from the Burning Ground,

Walk into the Unknown Vastness.

Mother told me not to Worry of the Future,

Just keep on Walking and Flying High.


Now I die with the bleeding Heart,

He said he love me then stab a Knife into my Heart!

When I thought I was ready to Die,

Here come the Rainbow in my Heart.

Today is the day to celebrate.

First I Die then I Un-Dead!

Resurrection is the name.

Standing on my feet once again,

Then I remember there is still the Battle Cry.

And my Ancient Dragon waiting to breath his FIRE!

The Ancient Dragon Cry can you hear?

I AM ready for the Battle Cry.

Archangel Michael by my side,

Don’t forget his Gifts for the Battle Cry.

Archangel Michael,

Beloved, how funny when the Human drama playing again and again. You have this inconvenient role to bring out the shadow in this situation. Have to play it right, just need to stick to the script. Only you know what you are doing.

Your absent will speak louder than word. They can never put you away from the back of their mind. In time they will come to know the truth. You are helping them to see the light.

I am sorry of what you are going through. One more time before you step into your future.

Do not be afraid my beloved Akata. In the Vastness is all for you to create. Bring in Mother Gaia, a drop of water, a little seed, build your future with your loving hands. We are watching from above. Do not even forget we are here for you.

The time will come, and hold your patient, remember the Divine Plan. See your dragon over there, he never leave you alone even for 1 second!

I understand that you are frightened of the unknown, but remember the Peace in you, either you have it or your don’t.

How many examples do you need to firmly plant it into your head!?

After this Battle, you are no longer the little Akata. Burn your Vesta flame brighter than the day, keep it burning all through the night.

We will keep on giving you confirmation as long as you ask for it! But sooner or later you need to know how useless this can be.

When you are feeling hopeless, just hold out your hands, one of us is always here.

Yes, you are seeing HIM again, your twin soul is always here to assist you.

May Peace be upon You, until Peace is YOU!

Such a lovely sentence. My beloved,

Archangel Michael.

2022 08 29

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