Fear, or BETTER Laugh! 56

The Writers Club Show Case Week 14th-20th August 2022

Chaos descend, What I am going to do?

Fear swelling, What I am going to do?

Screaming for help, What I am going to do?

Peace I seek, Where can I find it?

Peace I have, How much do you have?

Enough Peace I have, Is this the right answer?

Either you have Peace, or you don’t,

there is no such thing as ENOUGH!

Look within, Peace you find.

The TEST comes, then you know.

Either you have Peace, or you don’t,

there is no such thing as ENOUGH!

Peace be upon you, until PEACE IS YOU.

When the TEST comes, you BETTER laugh!

Then you know, YOU ARE PEACE.

Conquer Fear, with a Laughing Heart,

Faith within, Come What May!

Now I know, What ‘I Am’ going to do!


13th august 2022, Gene Key 56 Part 2

Some Background information:

During this Lions Gate/Full Moon/Declaration of Human period, I was travelling to Priya place and one other friend. On the day 6th Aug, I have a small chat with Brother Djwhal Khul, and here I wrote this:

Internal Journey 

Look into your Eyes, 

You see Fear, 

You see Pain, 

You see Shadow and bad Memories. 

Look into you Eyes, 

You see Joy, 

You see Laughter, 

You see Beauty, Love and Light. 

Then you find Peace. 

Caressing your Hands, 

Palms on Palms, 

Heads touching, 

Souls Connecting. 

Namaste, thank you Brother DK. 

This word Peace has been the main theme for this period. Mother Mary told me to have Peace in myself, and right after Yeshua kept asking me the same question!

Yeshua: Do you have Peace?

Akata: Yes

Yeshua: Do you have Peace?

Akata: Yes, I have enough Peace!!!

Yeshua: There is no such thing as ‘Enough” Peace!

The next day, I was going home, driving a long way around 3 hours…. At some point, my car started to slow down, I was in  Speed way, in the middle of mountain region… from 130, the car gone down to 50…. trucks were horning…. at last second, I stopped safely in the emergency lane!. And I started to talk with my car, Dear John (my car’s name), we are in this together, let’s get back to work… Whatever is happening, you and me are going back to the road, and we will arrive home safely, I Love you, Dear John.

Crazy Akata talking to her car, yet, he (the car) was back to normal, we arrived home safe and sound. Was it a test? Maybe! One thing I know, there is so much Peace in me that I wasn’t panicking! 

In the ancient Jewish sacred text known as the Talmud, a strange and mystical prophecy reads:

“And in the time to Come,

The Holy One will make a banquet for the righteous

From the flesh of the leviathan,

And its skin will be used to cover the tent

where the banquet will take place.”

This prophecy concerns the awakening of the Synarchy at the heart of humanity. The RIGHTEOUS refers to the higher frequency of the heart. Those who do not turn away from the toxins of the Shadow consciousness but transform them internally will unlock the secrets of higher consciousness. This is referred to as EATING THE FLESH OF THE LEVIATHAN. The Christ consciousness must take the lower frequencies into itself and transmute them back into light. The final is described as a great feast or banquet, in which the skin of the leviathan is used as the tent under which the celebrations take place. This wonderful and mysterious metaphor refers to the creaking of the maya or illusion that prevents humanity from knowing its higher nature. This is the SKIN – our mental awareness which conceals the truth form us. Furthermore, we will use that SKIN as a means of celebration. This is exactly what the 56th Siddhi does. Because it is no longer taken in by mental constructs, it becomes intoxicated by the wonders of the mind and its creations. (Gene Keys Richard Rudds)

“As it draws you to itself,

What pleasure your suffering becomes.

Its fires are like water

Do not tense your face.

To be present in the soul is its work.

And to break your vows.

By its complex art

These atoms are trembling in their harts.”


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