30th July 2022  Gene Key 56

In the ancient Jewish sacred text known as the Talmud, a strange and mystical prophecy reads:

“And in the time to Come,

The Holy One will make a banquet for the righteous

From the flesh of the leviathan,

And its skin will be used to cover the tent

where the banquet will take place.”

This prophecy concerns the awakening of the Synarchy at the heart of humanity. The RIGHTEOUS refers to the higher frequency of the heart. Those who do not turn away from the toxins of the Shadow consciousness but transform them internally will unlock the secrets of higher consciousness. This is referred to as EATING THE FLESH OF THE LEVIATHAN. The Christ consciousness must take the lower frequencies into itself and transmute them back into light. The final is described as a great feast or banquet, in which the skin of the leviathan is used as the tent under which the celebrations take place. This wonderful and mysterious metaphor refers to the creaking of the maya or illusion that prevents humanity from knowing its higher nature. This is the SKIN – our mental awareness which conceals the truth form us. Furthermore, we will use that SKIN as a means of celebration. This is exactly what the 56th Siddhi does. Because it is no longer taken in by mental constructs, it becomes intoxicated by the wonders of the mind and its creations. (Gene Keys Richard Rudds)

“As it draws you to itself,

What pleasure your suffering becomes.

Its fires are like water

Do not tense your face.

To be present in the soul is its work.

And to break your vows.

By its complex art

These atoms are trembling in their harts.”



I Ching 60th  Gua/Hexagram

卦 56, 旅 56火山旅 lyu, 旅行 

GUA 56, LU3, THE WANDERER Binary 001 101 = 13; Gen below, Li above

Lü means to travel, to move from place to place. In ancient times, an army of five hundred soldiers was called Lü.

It was challenging to create an ideograph to express an act of moving. The ideograph of this gua employed the image of an army chasing its enemy to express traveling. The left half of the ideograph is an ancient character, fang.

During the Shang dynasty and the beginning of the Zhou dynasty, the minorities on the northern border were called fang. The ideograph of fang looks like a dancing warrior with his two arms swinging in the air. The minority groups usually performed a dance ceremony before fighting. On the right side are three soldiers. The leader at the top moves forward with two soldiers following him. The heads of the soldiers face the minority warrior, and their feet move toward him, suggesting that they are giving chase.

My Interpretation:

This word, however, the left side does also mean ‘Direction’ 方向. Where on the right side top, represents a Human人類 , and 2 legs to walk足, hence, travel.

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