Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! 60

Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth!

In NO circumstances, any man/women shall forsaken their Divine right for being the Sons and Daughters of God!

The Right to Breathe Freely!

The Right to Live Freely!

The Right to Do Good for the Greatest Good of All is our Divine Purpose!

All Beings, including and Not Limited to the 3 Kingdoms, Elements, Elementals and Angelic Host, have Full Right to Live according to the Universal Laws; Not abide by Any Human Rules or Laws, with the sole Purpose of Controlling, Tranny, or Abuse of Power!

No Organizations, Authorities,  Governments or Councils have Power Over God’s Rules. When any Organizations, Authorities, Governments, or Councils infringe the Universal Laws, either they are Elected or non Elected; the Sons and Daughter of God Shall Take Up their Responsibility to Defend the fundamental Human Rights by Overthrown such Organization, Authorities, Governments and/or Councils.

The Universal Laws are Simple, Straight Forward, followed by Planets in Multi-Universes and Galaxies, by All God’s Beings.

It is Time this Planet Erthe, Mother Gaia to Return Back to it’s Pristine Divine Rights and Purposes.



To Those Who Choose NOT to Abide to such Universal Laws, Under Their Own Free Will, As A Matter Of Fact, have Chosen to LEAVE this Planet Erthe. To Continue Their Evolution Where Their Energetic Resonances Aligned With.

Hundreds and Thousands Years of Possibility and Opportunities, in Human Linear Time, have been Given.



We Welcome Mother Gaia with Her Inhabitant Back to the Universes, Galaxies, Family of the Great Central Sun.

I Am Grateful, I Am Grateful, I Am God Grateful.

John Adams/Akata

28th July 2022  00:20 am New Moon Leo   GENE KEYS 60TH 

I Ching 60th  Gua/Hexagram

卦 60, 節 , 水澤節  

I Ching 60th  Gua/Hexagram

60,  , 水澤節  

GUA 60, JIE2, BOUNDARIES Binary 110 010 = 50; Dui below, Kan above

Jie has a variety of meanings. Originally it indicated a joint, or node, of a stalk of bamboo. Because these nodes delimit sections of stalk, its meaning extended to “set the bounds.” Setting boundaries means to restrict, and from restricting came the meanings to limit, to restrain, to economize, or to save. This connotation loosened the definition to encompass moral principle. To save is to restrict one’s expenses, and moral principle restrains one’s behavior. All these meanings have the sense of keeping or containing something within a specified area.

The ideograph attempts to express the original meaning of Jie, to set bounds. At the top there are two sets of lance-shaped bamboo leaves. Below the leaves is the character ji, providing the sound. Ji means immediately or instantly; it sets a time restriction. The left side of ji depicts a seed of grain with a tiny sprout at the top and two tiny roots at the bottom. On the right is a sickle. These two images suggest a picture of cutting grain and eating it immediately. Originally the righthand image represented an ancient verifying token made of bamboo. When a piece of bamboo has been split in two, each half becomes a verifying token. If the two pieces match each other, then each person who has one holds a trustworthy credential. Tokens made of bamboo slips were commonly used by ancient governments to verify the identity of an individual on a mission.

The structure of the gua is Water above, Lake below. Water flows into a lake. Too much water pouring into a lake results in flooding unless there is restraint. The space of a lake is restricted by its boundary. Only a certain amount of water can be held within this boundary, otherwise calamity would result. This is where the name Restricting comes from. In ancient China, to set limits on one’s expenses and bounds for conduct was regarded as a sign of moral excellence. But to be overly restrictive causes pain. Thus King Wen did not encourage painful restriction.

My Interpretation:

This word, however, when combine with day 日, it change the meaning from restrain (control, limitation, a negative aspect) to節日 celebration (festivity, holiday, a positive aspect).  Therefore, when we learn where are limit stand, the restriction on our society, or the limit being imposed from the outside world. We could find a way to evolve and improve our situation, this ultimately brings us to celebration.

To triumph over limitation, and bring justice into our World.

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