Let it go, let it go!
No more expectation in waiting station.
Free yourself from ancient fear: Abandon by who you love.
The most precious love IS you, INSIDE you, ALL of you.
Fill you up with your love.
Hugging trees, watching stars, Mother Gaia is full of  Love.
Be that TREE, be that STAR,
NO more expectation in waiting station.
You will never be STOPPED again.

29th July 2022  GENE KEYS 42

I Ching 42nd  Gua/Hexagram

42,  , 42風雷益

Yi means profit, benefit, increase. 

The ideograph of Yi is simple and clear. The lower part is the image of a household container. Above the container is an ancient ideograph for water, shui.  It look exactly like the symbol of the original gua Kan Water, water above a container symbolizes that water is pouring into the container, an act of increasing.

The structure of the gua is wind above, Thunder below. When wind and thunder support each other, their energy is doubled. It is also an image of increase. The inner gua, Thunder, indicates that there is firm resolution within. The outer gua Wind, indicates that there is penetrating outward action.

My Interpretation:

The upper part, consisted of a river with water of both side, together became living (one needs for water for life). the lower part is a cup/container, to hold blood or harvest. With water as the source, to give life/seed the chance to grow. When accomplished, become a harvest to enjoy. So the end result is a benefit for All, that is Yi 益.

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