Humanity In Waiting!

What Have You Done Human Race?

I Want a Companion They Say,

Day In Day Out By Your Side, Sunny, Rainy All The Way.

One day Woke up in Different Place,

No More Love, No More Embrace.

Waiting, Hoping, Longing for Your Appearance,

Day In Day Out, No Sight Come My Way.

Am I to Stay Here Till My Last Day?


27th July 2022

I went to a Kennel yesterday, as I am going to move into a new place, by MYSELF. After all these years, I finally acknowledge that is the TIME, for me to make this move. Fully knowing it is a choice of the Life time. We are talking about another breathing, moving BEING, not to be treated lightly.

When I finished the visit, just couldn’t help myself asking this question: why there is so much Cruelty, Barbarity, Pitilessness in this world?

There is a saying in Chinese, the Karma will always find you, if not today, will be tomorrow. The longer it takes to pay your Price, the heavier the Price will become. No one is ever off this Circle of Karma, doesn’t matter one believes in it or not.

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