Our Lady Mother.

Walking Alone Planet Earth,,

So Much sorrow,

So Much Joy.

One Day You Find Silence Temple,

Is It Blessing?

Is It Curse?

Liberate Ancient Fear

Freedom Torch Blaze, Blaze Blaze.

Do You See Me Hiding Every Corner,

Be Your Companion Every Hour.

Mother Vesta, Mother Mary, Mary Your Mother,

We are all Here, Holding Your Hands.

Don’t Be Afraid, Forward You Move,

No More Threshold Dweller!

Astro Travel Awaiting You.

Clear Cold Night,

Clear Cold Mind.

Breath In Deeply,

We Shall Try Again Tomorrow Night.

3 thoughts on “Our Lady Mother.

  1. Akata, this is lovely, but it doesn’t meet the guidelines of the W3 prompt, which specifies that the poem should be no more than 12 lines…

    All the best,


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