Lord Lanto, Teton Retreat, I Ching Key 32

06-07-2022 02:00

萬言, 萬山 ,萬火恆, 萬一為中,

Thousand (million) words, thousand (million) mountains, blazing flame burns forever (long lasting, CONSISTANCY, Preservation Gene Key 32)

與萬同行, 無悔、無積

Walk with thousands ( million brothers and sisters), no regret, no accumulation (of matter, materials)

心, 恆也, 平也,

Heart, is ever lasting, is tranquility.

心以記、為一, 以恆為一, 無憾, 再以為一,

Remembrance with heart, to be ONE, ONE with consistency, no regret, be One Again (Once more)

為心, 為天, 平安為命。平安與天神,

As Love (Heart), as Sky (Heaven), Serenity endeavour, Peaceful with God in Heaven.


Inside your heart, with God in Heart, Heavenly Path, is God.

一切該空, 空與閒, 閒與空。

All is Void, space and time, time and space.

神心萬有, 無求,

Heavenly provided, No desire.

心平水定, 心以為行之早,

Heart as calm as water, heart (love) as origin motivation (driving force).

與天共行, 神也。

Walk with the Sky (Central Sun), is Godliness.


No desire for Matter (materials), already provided.

心也、神也, 命也。

Heart as God as Spirit.

每日為首, 行心無悔, 萬物己供,

Day starts with Central Sun, no regret in Pathway, All is provided.

無求, 無悔、無心、無神、無天、

No desire, no regret, no heart, no God, no Kingdom.

無一不在,  諗在心、心平如水、

Nowhere, yet everywhere, remembrance with your heart, as calm as water.

心心心, 神神神。.

Hear heart heart, God God God

The Star before Time, One星星共行,為一。

After 2 weeks of trying to go into the Teton Retreat, finally I made the connection with Lord Lanto. 2:00am in the morning, someone started to say something in Chinese, in poem format actually. I can’t be the one to make this up, as my written Chinese is in such a poor standard, I usually do everything to avoid writing in Chinese.

Anyway, Lord Lanto started to speak, while writing down (so many words I can’t remember how to write, it was a real struggle). After the Poem, he spoke in English.  I try to translate very quickly. But I am sure, I am not bringing forth the full spirit of his transmission, some sentences almost seems disjoint, no relation. Problems with translation when the cultural background is left behind!

When I was writing, I didn’t make the connection with Gene Key/I Ching key 32 (my Life Work in Gene Key). Because he was speaking with this sound, which I originally taken as  行 (walk, path,),  when  I finished writing,  I was told it was not  walking but CONSISTANCY  恆. So Lord Lanto was giving me  a poem on I  Ching 32!!!

Constantly let the world walk by, flow through. As a drop of water in the current, place no resistance, yet be the Water, be You. Nothing can diminish who you are, You Are You. With God in Your Heart, With God in Your Mind, With God in You.

With my blessing, take the moment, heart fills with water, infinite, immense void, space. See the stars in the galaxies, as a drop of water in the ocean. Yet single, yet exist, Be. Shine my dear one, shine, shine, shine.

Grateful to make your acquaintance, Lord Lanto.

Until next time my dear, so much could be said, yet, nothing to say. You ask to be my student, do you need to ask? Do you need to learn? Do you need to remember?

Walk with life, walk with your heart every single step. Walk with God, God in You, Be You.

I do take pity of your Chinese, you are welcome to come around , with time comes to remember with much deeper, deeper knowledge, wisdom installed in you, use it.

The Time before Time, before Time, you were there, you were there.

Peace be upon your heart,

Love and Blessings

Lord Lanto

The Star before Time, One星星共行,為一。

卦 32,恆  heng, 雷風恆  

Long Lasting, Continuity, Thunder above, Wind below, Binary 011 100

The noble young one, accordingly, makes a stand without changing bearings

When look closely on the ideograph of the Chinese Character, two horizontal lines on top and at the bottom, represent the two shores of a river. Between the shores, there are two images – a boat on the right, and a heart on the left. Three people are sailing across the river in the boat. In ancient China, crossing a river was not an easy task. An old Chinese saying describes the situation: “People in the same boast share weal and woe.” 同舟共濟,患難與共Sharing weal and woe means working together in full cooperation with a United Purpose – with One Heart. The ancient sage placed a heart beside the boat, from beginning to end, everlasting. The ancient sage followed the Tao of Heaven to establish the Tao of Humanity, the function of Heaven and Earth. The relationship of Heaven and Earth is interactive and everlasting.  天 (Heaven) 地 (Earth)

The union of a man and woman, to the Chinese, is a sacred event. In the,ancient ceremony of a wedding, the man and woman made a sacred vow before,Heaven and Earth and to the person in charge of the marriage. Qian represented,the bridegroom’s side, and Kun stood for the bride’s side. In this way, the union, of a man and woman was akin to the union of Heaven and Earth. The message of this gua is that sincerity, purity, and unselfishness are the essential elements of a long-lasting relationship.

The structure of the gua is Thunder above, Wind below. It is the inverse of the preceding gua, Xian , or Mutual Influence. The preceding gua symbolizes a new marriage. In the I Ching, Thunder represents an eldest son, and Wind an eldest daughter. Thus, this gua symbolizes the long-term union of an old married couple.

My Interpretation:

The top and bottom strokes represent Heaven and Earth, or Past and Future.

While the left side is a ‘Heart’ shape character, when building with the ‘Heart’ whatever that we are building is for the Greatest Good of All, for a ever lasting Influence on Future Generations, thus what is in the Past prove Future. The right side is a long lasting, continues movement. At a certain angle, it could be seen as our DNA double helix. The continuation of Human existence.

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