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31-03-2022 Akata Correspondence with Peter

Dearest Peter,

I know you are very busy at the moment, hopefully it will not take up too much of your time.

With today I have closed the unAscended sponsorship in the EGA, I would say, even this is part of the learning experience, bitter sweet. On one hand received such encouraging and loving messages, and on the other hand find little or no interest from many, especially among my rule study group. Maybe Group Initiation does not necessary meant the group I have started with!!! Easy to talk unconditional love or being ONE, but hard to do.

Anyway, I am going to present the Petition in April Full moon, hopefully will get it right. And I think the Petition is already granted, please allow me to explain.

As you know I am going to separate with my husband, while my Human mind is busy to find a solution, searching for places… I have actually found a place could be good for me.

Last Friday, 25th March, I went to the property again, did my meditation, just before I go, I was looking at the Sun (Mother Vesta) and said, we will make this work!

On Sunday, my father in law was telling me that he doesn’t feel like to make an investment in a new house for me, because he has decided to further invest in this property. He is going to finish one of the apartment  and also the external gardens, so I can go there. He was thinking maybe with a person already living there, and using my home as a showroom, he maybe able to start selling the other apartments…….

And just like that, I will go there. I see that I will be the Guardian there in the meantime, until next move comes.

I have renounced my FREE WILL to Mother Father God in my petition last year. Doesn’t matter what I (the human self) is doing, the ‘I Am’ will lead me to the right direction.

And so it is.

p.s. do you have any more advise for presenting the Petition?

Blessings always


Dear Sister,

I apologize for my delay in getting back!!

I have to agree with you, I sense that the Petition has been received and the Action to move forward has begun.  Who knows how this will play out now, but for you to be placed on site like this is a clear move as I see it!

I understand what you say about the Group.

I do not know how to try and sort that problem out where better engagement can take place.  But then again who knows what actually takes place.  You have a clear direction right now, so who can say your posting in the Forum did not help.

May I invite you to review the Discourse Part 10 of the Resetting of time.  about Divine Justice.  

Take Divine Justice with to Perugia!  And live there like it is all happening!  maybe even help in the garden renovations, Creations are acting like you are already living the Creation!  We say in English, never look a gift horse in the mouth!

Maybe you will be on site and the money will come to buy out your father in law??  If you can find out more about the money side it may offer some guidance as to any such purchase??  Maybe your father in law would sell if he made a little without doing all the work??  Just suggestions.  Do you have a company in Italy or Florence that has a data base of of all the properties as they sell and what they sold for??

We have a company called Zoopla here in the UK.  In all I have seen with your Project I do not remember as financial?

EGA is putting its hand out soon for some financial resources so let’s see?

Let me know how you get on!



Dear Peter,

I will check better how much would be the investment, even though I know they are talking about 3 Million in Euro. On the other hand, I am quite confidence it will come into my possession one way or other. Last Friday, before I went there, the intense vibration I felt just by being in the area!!

As you may know, I am doing the Light Program and under Michael’s group. As if I Am walking in the same pace with all the Activations. 2 weeks ago I have a Transmission with St. Germain, and this week with Brother Djwhal Khul. Their words just make so much sense now. 

I just wrote to Michael to retreat my participation in the EGA administration, maybe you can understand better from our correspondence:


Dearest Akata,

I understand completely, and remain here to support you in whatever way I can!

I have been off ill over the past week and have lost updates on the CCL website of which I will now followup on!  I cannot allow that to fall behind again it is too important to get done.

We have so much to do before 4th July this year so St Germain speaking of running faster makes so much sense to me also.

Follow your Heart and Inner knowing and all shall be revealed to you!

In Love and Joy

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