The Holy Land Retreat

16-04-2022 around 3:00-5:00am  

I was in the Retreat of the Holy Land. There you were Yeshua and Mother Mary. As soon as I arrived, I was gently guided toward a White Gold Flame, slowly I sit inside that Flame, with Mother Mary watching beside me with great Love. As I was going through this Purification process, letting the flame penetrating in, through and around me. At the corner of my eye, I saw a figure, small, ball like in red attire, have a feeling of an Ancient Indian Yogi, what caught my attention was his smiling kind face.  

I was ashamed of myself for my total ignorance of not knowing who this Being was. While I wanted to apologize to him, asking forgiveness, he turned into a taller, much taller figure, he became Joseph ben Jacob. His strong big hand was on my shoulder, the same kind smile was still there. The sense of Reunion, of Joy was overwhelming.  

The next moment, I saw he, Joseph, a fragment split from his Body/Soul, this fragment came back into this planet, who later became of Who we known as St. Germain.  

St. Germain was there too with us. While I was still inside the Flame. How long did it last, I do not know. 

How to explain this soul splitting process? Is it like a sort of Twin Flame or Twin Soul? 

And this morning, looking at the Sun rise, I know it was the good time to do the Activations and Presentation to the Karmic Broad of Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre. Doesn’t matter of the Candles or Moon, it was the right time. 

I started with the Sun just above the Horizon, behind a tree from my window’s view. When I finished, Mother Vesta was high up in the sky, with the Sun Light full on my face.  

I Am Grateful, I Am Grateful, I Am God Grateful.

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