The Great Divine Director Transmission


Greeting Dear One.

Firstly, please calm your heart, your emotion. And listen with great care of what I have to say, my dear one.

It is the first time that we communicate.   You  have read many of my discourses, and you have listened with great attention. Especially the one regarding  what you are here to do, you as all members of the EGA, and you have picked up the point that, you are not here with only that bodies that you have, but you as your souls journey in this planet, with many life times of experiences. Accumulating experiences, knowledge, wisdom and also karma.

In this new age, yes, you have the opportunity to clear your past life karma as part of the EGA light program. And you Akata has done it well, which our Beloved Jesus has also confirmed that to you. In this life time, you come once again as a path finder, rules breaker, inspiration. Maybe it  is time that you have a good look inside of yourself, is it still the case to keep on doing it? The EGA is not perfect, there are persons inside, with all their soul baggages, with their personalities, the same applied to almost everyone. In this imperfection, there is a tremendous opportunity and purpose of this Living Organism. Do you really want to give up on that? Think carefully dear heart. From my part, I can only give you some suggestions, and this is to let this unsettling period to go undercurrent, to stay with your silence. To contemplate profoundly of what you are searching in this life. There is Free Will, of course, you are free to do as you wish. I am only here to tell you that you have much to do, much to accomplish, be very mindful of your decision,  especially from here onward.

Looking back in the past year, of what you have done, would it be possible without the EGA? Peter still have much to give and assist you in your path, you are only getting the very first glimpse of what you can do in this lifetime,  my dear heart. Know that you are dearly loved by all of us. You think that with all the Master Sponsors that you have, you are simply to stay in a tiny house content with you own existence? That Mother Vesta give you her blessing for only this? You are undervalued of your existence my dear one, greatness can only be achieved with hardship and trials. If you walk back in front of difficulties, you are who you are, the little one.

You asked me to come, and here I am, the Great Divine Director, at your service.

Your petition is granted, it is granted the moment you have the vision,. and you have taken the necessary path to understand where you at, what you need to do, and who you truly are.

Dear one, go ahead with your next step, you will get to find the mysteries between time and space. Do not waste your time in earthly discord, disagreement, dis-alignments. All this does not serve you. Remember who are you, does not ever doubt of your abilities. When you need me again, you only need to call. The Great Divine Director is never too busy for a dear soul in need.

Walk the unseen path, be home with the Father Mother Love and Light.

Your are dearly loved.


I am the Great Divine Director at your service.

Just as I was thinking could the Great Divine Director here for me, the pages that I tuned in the book: The Resetting of Time Upon Earth, guess who was the speaker: The Great Divine Director, page 117 – Part 2 – EGA Petition – Divine Elemental Freedom Dispensation – Proposal 5

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