St Germain Transmission


My Beloved heart,

Still feeling unease in your stomach? Have no fear, you will get use to this high energy. It is more in your head. So overcome  this little inconvenience, that you believe you are still not up to the task, so to speak!

Time is rushing, and you will be guided to run even faster than what you are doing now. That’s why you need your own space to concentrate in what you are doing. Have no fear, again, dear one, you will be alright, surrender you Self completely into God’s Hand, my love.

Cut down all unnecessary activities and thoughts. No use you are trying to keep up-to-date to everyday current events. What good can this do for you?

Open every single cell in your bodies to receive the energies that is coming through, absorb it into your heart, make it yours to shine.

Once again, set no LIMIT!

I Am pleased to see that you are learning to take care of your bodies. You need to treasure this body vehicle in pristine stage to live a long time, to face whatever disastrous situations may come to this planet before she can Reborn again!   

(Are you talking about a possible Ice age or Solar Storm, or something else all together?)

What ever will be happened will be happened. You only need to know when the time comes, hold your consciousness in the Highest plane and lift your Self up. Nothing will happen to you or your brothers and sisters.

Chose a nice spot to pass through it. Pay attention to the New House that you are searching. Feel into it! What was built from long time ago that withstand all will still withstand more. You already understand what I Am referring.

See why you need a place on your own!!!

(my husband just returned home!)

So long my love, until next time.

St Germain

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