Response from Peter Concerning Archangel Lucifer


Thank you for your email to explain more about this connection with Archangel Lucifer! Many people get caught up on this Beloved Archangel because of the relationship that has surrounded him through the creation of fear by human beings and in this understanding he became identified as Satan of the Devil.

These names and energies of Satan and the Devil, and indeed fear, are only archetypal energies that have appeared within the world of humanity due to the energies that mankind has given to them. If you Know the Law of Manifestation you will Know that what one gives the attention gets their energy, and what gets their energy they manifest. But all archetypes are not God’s Creations, but the miscreations of mankind and they exist in reality and manifest here on earth because in the minds of mankind they are real. And indeed they are, for the Laws of Manifestation are not bound to Positive or Constructive Manifestations but also negative and destructive ones. The Energy, that is the Energy of All Creations are neutral and have no preferences or intentions. The projector of the Energies of Creation are those responsible for what manifests.

Mother Earth gives Her Creational Energies to all freely and God Does, and whether it be wheat or nightshade it matters not, it is all Love that creates such things. It is not the Energy then that creates the negativity with discrimination or individuality, but the one who uses those creations. In the hands of Knowing Dear Soul with the correct intentions nightshade has its purpose, and the same can be said for fear. But fear because it is a mass conscious based reality its power to harm is a reality within this Earth Plane physical world.

Archangel Lucifer, and name Lucifer actually means “The Shinning One”, and He did take on the archetypal energies to become the personification of this Energy called Satan. But all archetypes are ONLY governed by human consciousness, not God or Christ Consciousness.

Part of My Work, the Work of the Elemental Grace Alliance was and continues to be the breaking down and dissolution of the archetypal energies that are held within the astral planes of which can evolve up to the 9th Dimensional levels and many manifestations are at these Levels, including those who we know as the Illuminati and Cabal, those who are known as the Dark Forces and so Our Work continues to deal with these negative Energies. But one cannot deal with such things from within the old human consciousness, One has to transcend their own consciousness into Higher Truths, Higher Awareness and ultimately pass through the 9th Dimensional Realms and into the 10th Dimension and above. The 10th Dimension is the first Level of the Electronic Belt where NO archetypal energies exists. They cannot exist there for the Light is too strong.

Ascension then is about moving oneself beyond the 9th Dimension as Jesus did. Jesus was the first to do this and showed us how to do this and that is what we are all now working toward as a Group! For now it is not about Individuals Ascending, but Groups and ultimately the Whole Human Race together!

But to do that all archetypes must be balanced, or removed from the Earth Realms and Dimensions.

As for AA Lucifer, this Archetype was removed from the Astral Plane in 2008, however even though that influence no longer exists, the thought forms of humanity do continue around the beliefs in Satan and as the same Laws of Creation continue and the Law of Free Will continues, then any new creation can also continue and rebuild the astral plane creations. Thus people can still be affected negatively by such creations here within human lives as we see every day around the world!

In short Satan does not exist, fear does not exist, neither are Real, but they remain within the minds of men and women for as log as it shall take for them to Self Realize that ONLY LOVE, God’s LOVE IS ETERNAL! Anything that can be dissolved or removed is simply an illusion and is temporal, and only for the purpose of lesson! Once the lesson is learned, it disappears!

Archangel Lucifer and Archangel Michael are Brothers and Equal in Love, Power and Wisdom. And Lucifer now having been untethered from the Astral Realms is no longer bound there and as such now Works alongside Michael to help us achieve mass Ascension. Mother Mary was brought into this Holy Trinity to help Balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies! Not because Lucifer and Michael are not Balanced but because humanity still sees the gender aspect of masculine and feminine balance, and not the Internal Qualities and Virtues!

I hope this helps you in your concerns.

This is not an easy concept to grasp because of the centuries of ingrained pressures from religious groups that hold true that Satan is the devil and one must remain

fearful of God to live their lives. Nothing could be further from Truth!

If you have any further questions please ask!

In Love and Light We Share


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