Brother Djwhal Khul Transmission

My Dear One,

It has been a long time since we last connected. I can see your great heart ache for Beloved Sister Jeannette. She is doing perfectly divine and your connection with her will not stop here. Let her know how much you treasure her, this would certainly give her great pleasure in this period of repose. A Sister like her, is most precious for your journey.

And you too, have such great heart my dear. You only need to remind yourself and keep vigilant when you fall into Duality. Ask for forgiveness at once as soon as you realize it. Priya has given a perfect answer to your doubt. It is a matter of resonance and above all, it is a matter of wholeheartedness too. When those brothers and sisters in their mind convinced that they are already doing the most and the best that they can for their Divine Paths, they are setting limit and boundaries for their Growth. At the same time, they pay no attention to the needs of the others while proclaiming Unconditional Love. It is the basic problem for growth of the EGA too, as you may now well realized!

Your Group, your Ashram will come later, have no rush dear one. See how the Heavenly Father/Mother has guided you one step at a time towards your Purpose! Present your Petition and know that you have all our support. Our Beloved sister Chohan Kuan Yin is there to assist you.

In the meantime, keep moving upward and inward. Do not relax to do your inner works. There is still much to be done. Breathe my dear, breathe through all obstacles as you have done with your back pain. Talk to this Divine Vessel of your body, take

great care of it!

I repeat St. Germain words:


Until next time

Your Beloved Brother

Djwhal Kual

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