(Is that you, Father?)

My loving heart.

How you feel ‘I Am’ so far away, out of reach to your loving heart and Presence!

(I am feeling upset in my stomach!)

You have this feeling of vomiting inside your stomach at this moment. Because you believe my Energy is too strong. Take deep Breathe, calm you Heart, you can do it.

Yes, slowly, breath deeply, let the air in. Just think of me as Brother Djwhal Khul or St. Germain, we are family, and no one should feel awkward within family.

Yes, better now? A few more breathe…

(yes, Father, I am ready)

You are ready for quite some time already my dear. Faith my dear, Faith in God. You don’t see the Future, the steps, you only need to let God guide you in every directions.

Feel the love that we have for you. Feel it, don’t be afraid! You are loved, do not doubt the otherwise.

(visioning: a kiss was planted on my head!)

Keep this kiss, forever with you. When you have doubt, call back this moment.

You have already imprinted the Love of your Mother deeply within you. Now do the same with this kiss.  

Your Crown is my Crown, my love, you are doing wonderfully, this give us much Joy.

Yes, the Karma is cleaned, cleansed, and healed completely, beautifully. Now you start afresh.

(Where will I be, what can I do now when separated from my husband?)

Don’t you see that, feel that, have no fear of what lay ahead. All is in God hand, yes, imagine the HOME the you would love to live. What you desire, you create. Didn’t you just wrote that?

Bring yourself to imagine this new place, the Freedom that you would feel, new things that you can do.

Kyron, yes, you have told him/her what is it that you desire. Now wait for the outcome. Can you see yourself working with him?

Yes, you are most capable to do it. In this short period of time, you have accomplished so much, by opening you Heart.

See! You don’t feel the unease now in your stomach! And writing so fast, well done my dear.

(Why my transmission is so different to Peter. I am only receiving messages regarding my Self!)

Your transmission is much different to Peter, because you two are totally different! There is still long way to go. Have no rush, my love. You will live so long, enjoy this moment, every moment in your life now. When you feel joy and love, then your Life is Joy and Love!

Remember my kiss, remember my love, ‘I Am’ always with you, all way.

Enjoy your activation tomorrow, you have everything.

Your Father


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