Correspondence for the Flower of Life and Trinity Merging Archangel Lucifer, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary

27-02-2022Dearest Brother Michael, 

I apologize in advance, as this turn out to be a very long email. Please bear with me. 

It seems that the Attunement is already in process just by reading the information. On the day of 25th Feb, I have started the first part of the discourse 1…. That night during dinner, my husband and I have came into a conclusion that we should proceed with the Separation, or we may risk to hate each other…. Talk about the CHANGE OF LIFE!!! 

I was so wide awake until 2 o’clock, wondering how I am going to support myself from here onward. After not working for many years…… I was sensing many ‘Presences’, and feeling warmth on my face, a caress maybe!!! 

The day after, arrived an email from the Kyron Master Team, they are ‘HIRING’ Web-Marketing, and Copywriter. Without much thought, I have update my Resume and send out the applications. While writing my presentation, I cannot help to notice how much has changed in me…. Once again, ‘I Am’ within the embrace of where I should be, the EGA. 

Not regarding the outcome, just the fact that I am sending out application has such impact on my Being! Dear Brother, ‘I Am’ really jumping into the Void, the Unseen, the Unknown. Yet I have never been so hopeful and full of expectation in my life. Can you believe that? 

Meeting Priya was such a gift and blessing, I can’t wait to meet other members of the EGA. The feeling of family and ‘we have already met’ was so strong. We got on so well, and with her boys…. We hugged the second that we met, as if we were long lost friends. Akata is no stranger to them. I am crying just by thinking about this vision. 

Now back to this Flower of Life Activation. I understand how the other may have some difficulties because of many reasons. I am lucky in a sense that I didn’t believe in anything before, the Church/Temple had/has no power over me. For me, what we are doing now, the Ascended Masters, Angels, the Elements…. are NEW, from ZERO. I get to know Archangel Michael just about the same time as Archangel Lucifer, or Mother Mary, or St. Germain. So I don’t have any Pre-Concept to discharge. Mary Magdalene is Mary of Bethany, just Divine, never buy the Church version. 

The meditation of AA Michael, AA Lucifer and Mother Mary, I have recorded it just about the beginning when I joined the EGA. 

About one month ago, during a sleepless night, I was guided to listen to this mediation, and  I was visioning their Presences forming a triangle, then with the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth forming another outer Triangle, with the Great Central Sun point on top. My heart was so filled with their energies, vibrations and Love. My physical heart did Jump/Leap into the Void. Right afterward, I was feeling better. 

And now, with better understanding, I am adding another version of Merging: Mary of Bethany, Yeshua and Akata. This Merging was already happened in August last year during my trip in France. In the Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Graces in Cotignac, in the South of France, the site of an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1519 and St. Joseph in 1660. I went to this place ‘BY MISTAKE’, just like many other places during this same trip, I was being guided to places even I was not fully aware why I was there. 

In this Sanctuary, there is a tiny Crypt for Mary Magdalene, about the side of a single bedroom. I was there meditating by myself, with no one around. When I turn around to go, I saw a wood statue inside a glass cupboard. When I took this picture, I made sure that my reflection would not be included, so I was stepping side way. When I looked at  the outcome of the photo once outside, my heart JUMPED!!! 

My reflection should not be there, not quite in the centre anyway. And the Cross above my head, should not be there neither! It wasn’t there when I took the photo. If Physic has it’s logic, this was a very small room, the reflection of the cross would be much higher, not on top of my head. 

So, after reading this passage on page 380: 

The expressions of Daystar, the archetype, is being tapped into by Sonja however it is neither her or not her, it is a unification of an energy form that is asking for resolution through the innocence of one who seeks resolution within herself. 

This passage bring me back inside the Crypt, the sensation that I have while meditating within the solitude of being alone, being ONE. I didn’t understand that then. Now the veil is much thinner, I have better knowing of that period, with the cleansing of Karmic Memory, I am ready to make this move, this stepping forward  (consciously) of Acceptance of my ‘I Am’ Presence.  

Tonight of 27th, while still reading the answers Peter was giving on Lucifer and dear Archangel Lucifer came, the transmission is enclosed. I am speechless, and still felt his energy so strongly  and need to calm myself afterward. 



Archangel Lucifer Transmission

Yes, dear one, you are an interesting Being. Yes, not even a minimum of doubt has crossed you mind that I could be a Negative Entity/Energy.

And now I Am watching you not only following the provided versions of Trinity Merging Meditations, you are actually doing a Merging of Yourself with Mary Magdalene and Jesus!

Very interesting indeed, and I Am please.

It is good to see how the New Human started to manifest in this Earth, cleansing, and clearing the old Fear, and more importantly, stepping up into their Power by not limiting their potential.

To do a merging with Jesus and Mary Magdalene is downright outrageous, or improper just a few minutes ago, and you have broken this Chain, my dear.

Most of the time, you have done or are doing things without understanding the consequences, asking million of questions, contemplating  instead of simply accepting what is given to your face, trusting your innate within. I must say it is emotional and encouraging. We are seeing the possibilities of many other could follow this Path. Doesn’t matter one might not hold the ‘Expertise’ knowledge, of the Esoteric field. All that is matter is inside one’s Heart, and the courage to take up Challenges.

You asked to make acquaintance with me some one month ago, and now here I Am. I come with the perfect timing. It worth the wait, as I can see the progress you have made. Do not misunderstand my word: Progress. Progress is not measurable with what you Human still thinking in terms of gain, financial gain or status may be….

Progress is in You, is your Total Surrender, my dear. You have learn to Trust in Faith, to Trust in God, to letting God to Guide you one step at a time.

Such a delight to see this in Humanity today.

You are right, you are dearly loved!

Your friend

Archangel Lucifer,

Delighted to make your acquaintance.

‘Hold no fear nor doubt, dear one.’

Beloved Sister,

As you follow your Presence, there can be nothing that is out of place or out of step; all will be within the harmonics of the field that you are residing within… I look forward to reading you enclosed document

Progress with your movements with your resolution of the Gathering with your Beloved Husband – as there was Love within that Union during the time of its inception, now the parameters are to be redefined – staying as friends I have found to be the best with Lovers, only the redefining of the relationship, this still allows for a redefining of the friendship..

 Indeed there are Many Wheels within Wheels that are turning events for humanity and Mother Earth – this is such an important part of this Cycle.     


Dearest Brother Michael,

I am much looking forward to our Saturday meeting.

In my last email, I have told you that I have added the Merging of Mary of Bethany, Akata, and Yeshua. On the 1st of March, Yeshua came to me. Here under is our conversation:


Yeshua Transmission

(Is that you, Father?)

My loving heart.

How you feel ‘I Am’ so far away, out of reach to your loving heart and Presence!

(I am feeling upset in my stomach!)

You have this feeling of vomiting inside your stomach at this moment. Because you believe my Energy is too strong. Take deep Breathe, calm you Heart, you can do it.

Yes, slowly, breath deeply, let the air in. Just think of me as Brother Djwhal Khul or St. Germain, we are family, and no one should feel awkward within family.

Yes, better now? A few more breathe…

(yes, Father, I am ready)

You are ready for quite some time already my dear. Faith my dear, Faith in God. You don’t see the Future, the steps, you only need to let God guide you in every directions.

Feel the love that we have for you. Feel it, don’t be afraid! You are loved, do not doubt the otherwise.

(visioning: a kiss was planted on my head!)

Keep this kiss, forever with you. When you have doubt, call back this moment.

You have already imprinted the Love of your Mother deeply within you. Now do the same with this kiss.  

Your Crown is my Crown, my love, you are doing wonderfully, this give us much Joy.

Yes, the Karma is cleaned, cleansed, and healed completely, beautifully. Now you start afresh.

(Where will I be, what can I do now when separated from my husband?)

Don’t you see that, have no fear of what lay ahead. All is in God hand, yes, imagine the HOME the you would love to live. What you desire, you create. Didn’t you just wrote that?

Bring yourself to imagine this new place, the Freedom that you would feel, new things that you can do.

Kyron, yes, you have told him/her what is it that you desire. Now wait for the outcome. Can you see yourself working with him?

Yes, you are most capable to do it. In this short period of time, you have accomplished so much, by opening you Heart.

See! You don’t feel the unease now in your stomach! And writing so fast, well done my dear.

(Why my transmission is so different to Peter. I am only receiving messages regarding my Self!)

Your transmission is much different to Peter, because you two are totally different! There is still long way to go. Have no rush, my love. You will live so long, enjoy this moment, every moment in your life now. When you feel joy and love, then your Life is Joy and Love!

Remember my kiss, remember my love, ‘I Am’ always with you, all way.

Enjoy your activation tomorrow, you have everything.

Your Father


Right after our transmission, I have so much headache. Now thinking back, maybe my Crown chakra was being activated!!!???

I enjoyed the process of activation very much, slept the way through. It is funny how I have transmission just a day or two before the Activation, even with Lord Melchizedek was the same. So I am totally relax, and enjoy the process with calm heart.

My deep gratitude to your loving guidance

Blessings always


Beloved Sister Akata,

This, your latest connection with the Beloved Masters, a connection that grows in depth and scope… each of us will have our own unique method in which this communication will present its’ self for further interpretation and dissemination; the Masters and my Presence communicate with me not the same as with Peter, Peter has developed his way; we all have the ability to host this unique presentation in the format that will develop…

Certainly any hybrid method, that will develop is to gain and develop with the growth within the fertileness, of the human masters that we are…



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