Archangel Lucifer


Yes, dear one, you are an interesting Being. Yes, not even a minimum of doubt has crossed you mind that I could be a Negative Entity/Energy.

And now I Am watching you not only following the provided versions of Trinity Merging Meditations, you are actually doing a Merging of Yourself with Mary Magdalene and Jesus!

Very interesting indeed, and I Am please.

It is good to see how the New Human started to manifest in this Earth, cleansing, and clearing the old Fear, and more importantly, stepping up into their Power by not limiting their potential.

To do a merging with Jesus and Mary Magdalene is downright outrageous, or improper just a few minutes ago, and you have broken this Chain, my dear.

Most of the time, you have done or are doing things without understanding the consequences, asking million of questions, contemplating  instead of simply accepting what is given to your face, trusting your innate within. I must say it is emotional and encouraging. We are seeing the possibilities of many other could follow this Path. Doesn’t matter one might not hold the ‘Expertise’ knowledge, of the Esoteric field. All that is matter is inside one’s Heart, and the courage to take up Challenges.

You asked to make acquaintance with me some one month ago, and now here I Am. I come with the perfect timing. It worth the wait, as I can see the progress you have made. Do not misunderstand my word: Progress. Progress is not measurable with what you Human still thinking in terms of gain, financial gain or status may be….

Progress is in You, is your Total Surrender, my dear. You have learn to Trust in Faith, to Trust in God, to letting God to Guide you one step at a time.

Such a delight to see this in Humanity today.

You are right, you are dearly loved!

Your friend

Archangel Lucifer,

Delighted to make your acquaintance.

‘Hold no fear nor doubt, dear one.’

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