I Am Presence 09-02-2022


Beloved Mother Father God, Beloved Father Helios, and Mother Vesta, Beloved Father Yeshua, and Mother Mary of Bethany, Beloved Grandmother Anna and Mary Anna, Beloved Grandfather Joseph and St Germain, Beloved Brother Djwhal Kual, Kuan Yin and Buddha, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Pallas Athena, Lady Portia, and the 7 Elohim, Archangels and their Legion of Angels, the Elementals, Devic,the the 3 Kingdoms.

Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have no way to express my deep gratitude to your Love and Light showing on me! You have guided me every step, letting me ‘SEE’ your light, and showering me your ‘LOVE’ every second.

What seems to be so impossible just a few months, few weeks or even a few days ago, you have shown me ‘ALL’ is POSSIBILE, with the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light.

To be a part of the Christ Consciousness and to place my Service for the Greater-Good-Of-All is giving me great solace for the Purpose to be here in this Beautiful Erthe.

You have shown me, when ‘I Am’ ready, next step will come forward!


Nothing to worry, but to Flow, to flow with every opportunities and directions come my way.

It is not My Way but Your Way!

On Mother/Father Life, ‘I Am’ feeling much better now. It has not been easy to face the Past, so painful and hurtful at some moments. Yet your steady hands are always here, supporting me, holding my back.

Mother Mary of Bethany, thank you for caressing my eyebrows, stroking my face during the Prana Healing session. I finally feel the immense Love that you and father have for me. By also giving me the opportunity to acknowledge the grief of Grandmother Anna’s death. Her death had created such a great big VOID in my heart! Now that I have found you All again, I can made amend with the Past at last, and make the Fresh Start!

‘I Am’ among the embrace of my Family not only from the other side of the veil, but also here on Erthe. I have found my Family here, scattered around the World! Yet more then those who physically present in my immediate family and friends around me.

Such a Beautiful rainbow light you are showing me at this very moment! Thank you Mother Vesta.


Life has never been so beautiful, purposeful and fulfilling.

‘I Am’ Ready, ‘I Am’ Willing, ‘I Am’ ever Presence. To be your instrument to carry out the PLAN.

With the Love and Light of God,

‘I Am’ that “I Am’

And So it is!

This deck of tarot card: Mists of Avalon Oracle just arrived. The first card came to me is No. 1 The Abbey… up to here nothing special, but after I have installed the App on phone, the same Card came to me!!! Now you can still call it coincidence!!!!

  1. The Abbey

Interconnectedness, Purpose, Serenity, Shared Blessings

‘You shall never be given more than is deserved or beyond your abilities at any time.’


Reflect on all the decisions you’ve made on your life journey so far. You are called to create a new path that is more spiritually aligned with your current belief system.

Do not operate from your past mindset. You cannot create anything new if you think, feel and do thins the same way you’ve always done them.

The ruins of the Abbey stand as a reminder that our time is limited on this earthly plane, this is the time to ‘live’ your life on your terms.

Reflect on the card of the Abbey, beneath whose sacred grounds lie the earthly remains of Joseph of Arimathea, keeper of the Holy Grail, and the royal couple Arthur and Guinevere, who are buried here amid ancient yew trees.

New possibilities and new beginnings are about to manifest, but not until you’ve taken the time to reflect. The seed that has been lying dormant now wants to take root, but for that to happen you must first release all that no longer serves you and is no longer relevant in your life. In other words, your old life has run its course – like those of Guinevere and Arthur in their resting place at the Abbey ruins,

The Abbey card asks that you find a retreat from the frenetic pace of everyday life and consider these questions:

  1. Have you lived your life well?
  2. Have ou been authentically you?

Take time out to nourish your spirit. Spend time in solitude and silence. Like an ancient temple of Avalon, the Abbey is a reminder of our life’s cycles and that you must do your soul’s work while here on earth. Consider the essence of you, your actions and your energy that you leave behind.

Use this time and space to reflect on what you want from your life – all that is missing and all that you want to leave behind as your legacy. Once you’ve done all this, you will move on to the next stage of your life’s journey.

I know myself well and I live an authentic life.

Note: I am speechless, absolutely speechless. How appropriate the whole descriptions. Throughout this book, I am doing exactly this journey, shredding away all that no longer server me, of letting go, and most importantly, looking ahead paving the way to the New Future.    



For a few days already, I am feeling ‘Light’.  That my skin problems are receding. I feel fresh and clean. A shift has came around the days of  the Transmission with Lord Melchizedek. That I have come to term with the Past, to let go of Karma, shadows, or limitations.

It seems that I have finally awaken the Healer in me, not only to hear the other, but also to myself. I can feel the energy generate on my palms. And I feel the shield of protection around me from external attack, either illness,  negativity, or fear that is so strong among those around me.  

At the same time, new friends are drawing into my circle.

‘I Am’ in Divine Order with my Affairs, Body and Soul.

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