The New Lord’s Prayer for the Cosmic Consciousness

“Our Father Who Art in Heaven and Me,

Hallowed be Thy Name, ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Thy Kingdom Come

‘I AM’ Thy Will Being Done

‘I AM’ on Earth Even as ‘I AM’ in Heaven

‘I AM’ Giving Your Gifts Daily to All

‘I AM’ Forgiving All Life Each Moment no matter how small

‘I AM’ All Life Forgiving Me

‘I AM’ Leading By Example All God’s Children away from temptation

‘I AM’ Delivering All God Life away from every un-Loving Condition

‘I AM’ Your Kingdom

‘I AM’ Your Power and Your Might

‘I AM’ Your Open Door and Your Radiant Light

‘I AM’ Your Peace, Your Grace and Your Mercy

‘I AM’ Your Unfailing Life

‘I AM’ Your Glory, Eternally within this Immortal Manifestation

‘I AM’ Incorruptible, ‘I AM’ Indestructible, ‘I AM’ Untouchable

‘I AM’ That ‘I AM’

The Resurrection and the Salvation For All The World

‘I AM’ God’s Love, Wisdom and Power, Inexorably Complete.

And So It Is, And It Is So

For the Greater Glory of God Go, ‘I AM’


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