05-02-2022 5:00am

Lord Melchizedek

In 2020, you were ordained Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek for what you have done for Hong Kong. Single minded, you have tried to call for justice, equality and peace for the People of Hong Kong.

You didn’t think you were small and insignificant as an individual, with will and determination. You have always shown in your life to do what is right, not what is supposed to be Easy.

(How can this be possible, I wasn’t even Spiritual?)

Dear one, you were always Spiritual, in a not conventional way. You never believe in CHURCH, or TEMPLE. In your Heart, you believe in God, that was a God for you in this Universe, just not the God that the Church imposed in society. You saw the ugliness and unfaithfulness of the God image created by Religions.

And my dear, you were of the Family! Why you would be one if you were not already one of the Order of Melchizedek?

From all these Past Lives that you have seen, there is always ONE constant theme! You call for Justice, no matter how small, how insignificant your position in the society.

You Soul, my dear, is what that’s count!

There is no coincidence that you have been activated during the Lion’s Gate last year. You have seen the Girl walking in front of the Pyramids under the blood red sky! You have seen and felt her walking up to you and brought you together walking up the stairs of the Pyramids, went into the ‘Chamber’ where you two lay down and become ‘ONE’!

That was a life before the Yeshua period. There is no time and space, you have been around in this universe forever ever….

You would not have been born in that family, if you were not an initiate and disciple! You would not be brought into the EGA if you were not an initiate, and how you called yourself? Not being Spiritual!!!

Don’t you see how you are the Light for the dis-functional families of yours from both mother and father sides? You have saved a few siblings of your generation by simply who you are, never compromise, never surrender!

With the little or none prospective, you walked away bravely, they (your relatives) have seen that and tried to claim your achievement, pulling you back to their sphere of influence, and you said NO! You didn’t need their recognition!

You have been seeking the recognition from within, your own heart, within your ‘SELF’, not fully knowing that was your ‘I Am’, your God ‘Self’.

(But I have also done some bad stuff!)

Of course you have done wrong and not so honorable things in your life. Call it a test, call it a training, call it being Human, call it whatever way you want, and you are here now, my dear one!

Now you understand why I came without invitation that night your called ‘Round Table’. above all, why you are given this Task in your Vision. Make no mistake, you were being given a GIFT and you have taken upon your shoulder, the responsibility to develop further into this final Petition. You have made it through all trials and finally understand what is being asked of you: TRUST AND FAITH!

I Am amazed of how little ‘Time’ it took you to arrive to this understanding: to let God does the work, and you simply need to flow with it. Give up the need of Control, there is nothing to control but Trust and Faith in God!

Haven’t you noticed recently in your life how things just come around to your desire? When you let go and give up control!

That you have broken the Chain of “Belonging” ‘Love” from your mother, you walked away from this abusive relationship! You let go of your husband and children by not taking control and let them choose for their own ‘Lives’. That you are not afraid any longer of not being ‘Loved’ by them, by being Who You Are and Stand Your Ground! Or lost of financial support by separating rooms or risking the final divorce, to craft the space you need for this journey!

All these you have shown to be worthy of being a Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek. Now you consciously know it and so accept it and honour it!

I Am losing your attention there, you need time to contemplate. Go through with the process of Attunement, and knowing yourself ‘Are’ the Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek.

Welcome HOME, spread your wings and fly like an Eagle, with the Heart and peace of the Dove!

You know it already from Sue, every birth hour is carefully designed and planned for each one of you.

So long, until next time. You are dearly loved.

Lord Melchizedek

Note: oh mine, it is the longest transmission that I ever have. As a matter of fact, I heard every words so clearly… writing it down was not a problem. The problem is to decipher my handwriting afterward during this earlier hour!!!

Transmission such as this or during Teton Retreat would not have been possible if we didn’t separate rooms. My connection was being  blocked by trying to keep the pretext of a ‘Wife’!

Confirmation 2 days later reading Peter: Born to be Christed:

I had a real issue with that word ‘Priest’ and placed it in the box with all the other religious priest references. You see I was not into religion at any level, I did not believe in any yet I did respect all for their separate beliefs. But it was the separations of religions that I did not agree with feeling how can the Love of God be separated through doctrines that killed in the name of God that held power over the populace and kept the people in a state of fear and poverty consciousness.

Peter Melchizedek

It could be useful if I explain a little bit of my Religious Believe as a child. From someone grown up in Hong Kong, we are exposed (!!!) to both Western and Oriental cultures, in almost everything, such as religions (Christian and Buddhism), food, festivities…and so on.  Since primary school, I have always went to Christian’s school (Protestant, English Church), religion classes for us was Bible , Jesus, not Buddhism. But at home, we prayed to our Ancestors, Kuan Yin, or some other Buddhism Figures… So I was growing up accepting both religions without really believing in neither!!!

The intuition in me has big rejection to the Churches, as organizations. Never wanted to go near one or be in one. Buddhism was ok, I enjoyed my time to visit Tempio once or twice a year. They don’t ask big involvement, if one doesn’t want to. It was more a place for Divinity, to ask future for the new year, new job, new school……etc.

Inside my heart, nevertheless, I have always known and believed that there is a God, a Source if you might say, we are here for a reason. That was what I kept to myself. In order to survive, to be accepted by people around me, I have shut down the inner voice, invisible friends…

So it is what Lord Melchizedek was referring, I have REDISCOVERED the God inside my heart.

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